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Friday, 23 April 2010


I placed my FIRST EVER Mac order about two weeks ago (and me being silly, i only ordered one thing then decided a week later i wanted something else anyway.. =]) So i decided to wait until i got a few more bits before showing you all :)

What I got..
(I was sooo excited when i opened my package!!)

I got the two limited edition Viva Glam Lipsticks(that you're all sick of hearing about :p) in GaGa AND Cyndi :)

All i can say is they're exactly like every one has said :p gaga is a bubblegum pink with cool undertones and cyndi is what i'd call a cherry pinky red. (doubt that helped lol) Both feel amazing on the lips by the way =]

Next i got a mineralise blush in two virtues

I've been wearing this near enough every day since i got it! If i want a warm colored blush i swirl the colours together and if i fancy something a little cooler the purple shade actually looks really nice :)
Only negative is the glitter is kind of chunky =/

And finally i got myself a pro eye shadow palette(fits 15 shadows) and 4 shadows!

Starting from the top left and working my way down =]
honey lust
Trax (Love Love LOVE it!)
Sushi Flower

(I'm thinking of maybe doing a review and comparison of urban decay and Mac eyeshadows, what do you think?)

P.S I have over 40 followers!!! Thank you!