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Monday, 31 May 2010

Clinique Long Last Glosswear

I got a mini one of these free with the bonus time little gift set thing but I’m going tot take into account how much a full sized one is in this review :)

It’s described on the site as …

‘A Lip gloss juiced up with 8 hours of lasting shine. Spends every minute comforting lips. In 18 glistening shades from sheer to full intensity. Moisture makes each one even more mouth-watering. Protects lips, too.’

Now, with 18 shades I’m pretty sure you’ll all find SOMETHING you like :P It doesn’t say on mine the colour but I’m pretty sure it’s Cabana Crush.

When I first opened it I noticed three things:
1. no scent – or at least it’s very faint, I can only smell it if I put right under my nose :p
2. There’s alotta pressure in that little tube, you twist the wand and it pushes itself out lol
3. It’s sticky.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but… I DO NOT LIKE STICKY STUFF! Lol so instantly I’m not overly keen of this lipgloss, I went ahead and applied for all of you anyway :p – however the only good side to stickiness is it probably will last the promised 8 hours, I wiped it off after an hour though, it was driving me insane lol

It’s a pretty pink with a little gold shimmer in it -

I just could not capture the shimmer! This is the best of nearly 80 pictures XD

It’s described as ‘sheer’ on the website, and that it definitely is. It probably added a little colour but it was lost on my pigmented lips.

It just gives me that ‘I’ve just licked me lips look’ lol and it’s definitely cheaper to do that :P

They’re £13.50 and I’m not sure I’d pay that for them – just because they’re really sheer, sticky and don’t give super dooper shine :P I know some people like sticky lip glosses though – I’m thinking of one friend in particular! So if you are one of them people, this is defiantly good in the stick department :D

Did everyone enjoy their weekend? Anyone do anything fun for the bank holiday?

This is how i spent mine :p

I should be revising but… blogging is so much more fun :D I’m in the mood for sad songs – no idea why! Anyone got any suggestions? Katy Perry’s Thinking of You makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME! Lol

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Kind of a FOTD... but not really :p

Recently I’ve been pretty much stuck in a rut with my make up!

I’ve days are filled with exams (I have loads of clashes this week then only 3 next week! Exam boards need to sort their timetables out :p) So I’ve literally just been throwing on the same, simple make up.

Normally I enjoy doing my make up in the mornings :) I tend to experiment with colours and what not :) But I know for the next few weeks I just won’t have time! So I’ve done a slightly out there FOTD – obviously I wouldn’t wear this during the day.. or night really lol, I just wanted to do something that kind of inspired me!

Since I dropped art last year I’ve really missed getting my paints out.. I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms… I’ve basically painted my face XD

Let me know what you think :)

L’Oreal Telescopic mascara
Maybelline Liner Express in black
And various shades of green and white from a palette I bought online – recommended by a lot of youtubers but I was kind of underwhelmed and never really use it

Revlon Colorstay in ivory
Benefit’s boi-ing concealer in 01
Benefits Get even in 01

Lots and lots and lots of lip balm
A shimmery green shadow from the palette – I don’t have any green lipsticks :p

(I know it’s not great or anything but it’s my first time doing anything crazy on my face lol quite enjoyed it though :p)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

GOSH Lipsticks!

Gosh is one of the few pretty big counters I have in my town so inevitably I have quite a lot of their stuff :)

I first tried this lipstick after hearing it mentioned by a million people.. yup it’s Gosh’s most famous lipstick… ever :p

Gosh Darling

I’m not a huge fan of nude lips – I think they really suit some people but I’m definitely not one of them people! Anyway Darling was the first nude lipstick I bought and asides from the fact I look pretty much dead with it on…

See? Dead! Lol

It’s super creamy with a slightly pink undertone and lasted about an hour :) If you like nude lips I do recommend this, it completely blanked my pigmented lips without making them dry!

-I think a lot of Gosh’s other lipsticks are overshadowed by this little nude number


This is my second favourite Gosh lipstick I own :) Kitch is kind of unknown, or at least I haven’t heard many people mention it!

It’s a kind a rosy toned colour with some medium brown under tones (you can’t really see the rosy tones on the picture :( Just like Darling it’s got a creamy and hydrating formula although for some reason I don’t think it’s as smooth as darling… still love it though :)


Now this one definitely deserves more attention! It’s a very natural looking colour on me and I can imagine it suiting most people!

It doesn’t have such a rosy tint as Kitch has but it really warms up my complexion and it’s the sort of colour I swipe on my lips without needing to think about it :)


For those of you who prefer a bold, statement lip but don’t want to go down the classic bright red lips this is a little gem :p

It’s pretty dark but it’s a super rich berry shade. I love it personally – I’m just not brave enough to wear it all the time!

I tend to reach for this more than my true red shades just ‘cos it’s a little bit different =], and I think its more flattering for my skin tone :) Oh and it has the Gosh’s trademark creamy texture.

So, the moral of this post (lol) is don’t just look at the well known shades or products within a brand :)

(I forgot to add, they all have a very subtle sweet almost vanillary scent, I quite like it personally!)

my natural lip colour is...

Just so you know :)


Face Of The Night

(I had to use my friend’s camera to take the pictures and I can’t remember what the camera was called but it was on a weird setting or something so my face looks like… over pixelated or something :p But it was either that or a phone picture so… yeah bear in mind my skin didn’t actually look like that! My eyes and lips look the same as normal though.. odd)


I used UD’s Uzi all over my lid (my first time using this colour and the fallout is ridiculous!!! Within 3 minutes the glitter had gone all over my face and there was none on my actual lid! Lol this is why I normally stick to matte…) however the colour is a very light silvery gray and looked really pretty, it’s a shame about the glitter though :/

I just used Carbon from Mac along my crease and outer corner – only a tiny tiny bit though! (this is just a matte black so any matte black works the one from Sleek’s storm palette I think looks identical to carbon)

Then UD’s yeyo in the inner corner and as a brow highlight -this is completely white so might look too light on some people but as I’m fair it blended really well with uzi and helped create a cool look better than a warm coloured highlight ie vanilla from Mac

I used benefit’s bad gal smouldering eye pencil (not overly impressed with it really it went on as more of a gray , it just wasn’t pigmented enough for me :/) So I put UD’s eye liner in zero over the top and smudged it out a little.

Then grabbed a liquid liner to just make things more dramatic :p

And telescopic from L’Oreal

I think I had Bourjois’ healthy mix foundation
And two virtues from Mac – it’s no where near as glittery as it looks in the pan 

I used Maxfactor plum lipstick – I’ve only worn this 3 or 4 times just because it’s a lot darker than the pictures imply I love it though :) I have to be feeling brave to wear it though!

And I used a dark brown shadow to neaten up my brows – can’t remember which one!

(I don’t seem able to just put the product I used, I need to ramble on about it!)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Honey Bun

I finally got round to using up one of my LUSH bath bombs – I either use them all up straight away or end up saving them for months :p But I finally plucked up the courage to kill the honey bun :)

And mixed opinions about it.

There it is, it’s kind of big, but it’s really messy, the few times I’ve picked this up my hands have been covered loads of crumbly bits.. but I can live with that – Just don’t pick it up until you want it :p This is what the website says about it…

“Share a hot bath with your Honey Bun! Our limited-edition Easter bunny has the delicious toffee-fudge fragrance of our best-selling soap and there's not a drop of honey in sight. Pop one into your basket and hop right into the tub. Every honey loves our baby bunny, especially wabbits.”

So I’m not 100% sure what soap they mean but a lot of people have said it’s meant to smell a lot like honey I washed the kids soap-I just found out, that is the soap they mean!- and it does, to a degree but it’s a lot sweeter.

(Here it is next to my well used honey I washed the kids soap – I always end up repurchasing this! I can’t stop myself!)

Its got a pretty strong scent that did kind of linger in the bath – it lingered more than any of the other bath bombs I’ve tried!

And here are the two clinchers :p when I get a bath bomb I want to be able to watch it fizz, so I want it to fizz kind of slowly and I want the water to be a pretty colour :)

This did neither :/

You know the saying a picture can tell a thousand words? Yeah well I’m going to leave the picture of the bath water to do all the talking when it comes to colour :p

(It looks like green pee XD)

And it fizzled up in about a minute, I only just managed to get an action shot :p

I won’t be repurchasing but at least I can say I tried it :)

P.S yesterday was pay day (woop) so I obviously want to spend it all straight away :p should I place an order from lush or elf or nars or ? lol, whatever I get I’ll review so let me know what sort of review you’d like to see :)

Friday, 14 May 2010

Clinique SuperMoisture Makeup

The lady recommended this for my dry and sensitive skin, it’s super pricey at £20 for 30ml(I think you might be able to get it for £18..) so I was expecting a lot. It's my first clinique foundation so i was really excited about trying it -who hasn't read a rave about a clinique foundation?

I normally have to reach for the lightest shade and hope it’s light enough and with other Clinique foundations I’m a little lighter than 01 but the assistant convinced me 02 Linen was my perfect colour so I rather apprehensively handed over the cash for 02 (I don’t trust store lighting! I swear it makes every colour look great on you until you go outside lol) But she was right! It’s pretty much my exact shade!! There also seems to be a really good colour range for most skin tones.

On the packaging it says – “the look and feel of healthy moisturised skin. Creamy, ultra-smooth texture is surprising refreshing and lightweight. Sheer-to-moderate coverage with continuous hydration – skin looks soft and radiant all day.”

The woman at the Clinique counter told me it was more medium to full coverage personally I agree with the packaging – sheer-to-moderate coverage but it’s definitely buildable!

I know a lot of you aren’t too bothered about how a product smells but it’s a big deal for me :p I don’t want to put something I don’t like the smell of anywhere near my skin (possibly because smelly products nearly always irritate my skin..) but this smells like play-dough or plastic which, you know, isn’t that great and at first really put me off but it’s grown on me a little… It’s not too strong but it’s the first thing I noticed.

It’s a really creamy, thick consistency which I really like! It feels a bit like I’m applying a moisturiser, yet it sinks in and blends super easily. The packaging does mean you end up squeezing a lot out – or maybe it’s just me because I’m so clumsy? Lol

The only problem I have with the packaging (there’s ALWAYS something to be improved on with packaging :p) is it looks kind of cheap… I mean it’s just a squeezy tube and for £20 I want it to look nice!

This is pretty much the only foundation I’ve found that actually makes me skin look moisturised throughout the day! So if you’ve got dry skin I recommend you try it out because nothing keeps my skin moisturised like this is little tube :p

But as always there’s a downside! It glitters on my skin... It’s only really noticeable in bright sunlight (I tried to take a picture... and failed :p) so it’s not that bad, I mean indoors and in pictures you can’t see the glitter..

I’ll let you know if I’ll repurchase after I use this up :p I’m still on the hunt for the perfect foundation to give me the classic ‘dewy’ look but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives :)

(Oh my giveaway will end on the 21st.. hopefully then everyone will get chance to enter :])

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Yummy Yummy Yummy

This was my first lush shower gel and after hearing mostly good things I was sooo excited! I ordered yummy yummy yummy online, and I know ordering online can be a little iffy – you never know if you’ll like it, but it’s described as –

“a deliciously fragrant strawberry and almond cream for the skin. Helen created it with wonderfully natural ingredients: fresh strawberries, soothing honey and moisturising almond oil, with a drop of rejuvenating olibanum. It's not common shower gel, it's the yummiest strawberries and cream wash ever.”

So me loving all things almond and strawberry I thought this would be sorta thing… and it’s just not that great. I guess it does smell of almonds and strawberries but.. not nice strawberries and almonds or maybe it’s the combination of the two I don’t like.. aside from the smell though there was a major flaw.

It was gummy… (can’t think of a better way of describing it…) it was bumpy and really hard to get to lather up. It also didn’t smell any better in the shower. Luckily for me the smell didn’t linger on my skin afterwards (it didn’t even give me that ‘sqeaky clean’ feeling other lush products do!)

I got it in the 100ml bottle and I could NOT squeeze it! The plastic was super hard!! I had to use both hands to get even the smallest bit out…

Definitely not going to be repurchasing… has anyone else tried this shower gel? Did I get an odd one? On the plus side, it is a pretty colour and looked nice sitting in my bathroom :)

Oh and another little annoying thing is the expiration date was really short! I think it was about 2 or 3 weeks from the time it arrived is this normal when you buy shower gel from lush online? It’s apparently being discontinued too, which I don’t think is a bad thing :p so i recomend sniffing this one before you buy!

(don’t forget to enter my give away! :])

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

La La Land

Look what I got in the post today!!

I’d forgotten all about winning a benefit lipstick through the flake competiton, it seems like it was ages ago!

Any way this is my second benefit lipstick, and it’s just as smooth and creamy, meaning it goes on effortlessly but with iffy staying power…

I got it in la la land (I love the names that benefit comes up with!)

It's a little darker than it appears in the pictures, with a more plum undertone :)