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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Save your Rings

I read about this little tip months and months ago and after testing out the results I wanted to share this little idea with you!
Costume jewellery is the accessory of choice at the moment with loads of big brands doing really affordable and pretty jewellery but the materials used, particularly the metals aren’t designed to be worn repeatedly
If you own some costume rings you’ll probably know that during the hot weather or after continued wear they can end up like this..
This is the only ring, luckily, that’s tarnished but there is a super easy way of preventing this – just apply a thin coat of clear nail polish all over the ring (or just where the metal will be touching your skin) and you’ve created a barrier between your skin and the ring so you can avoid tarnishing!
This is so easy, and takes less than 5 minutes but since I’ve done this to all my rings I’ve not had any problems with tarnishing!

Let me know if you try this out and how it’s worked for you!

Hope this has been helpful!! x

Monday, 25 April 2011

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

This is one of those products I’ve been meaning to write a review of for months and months but for some reason I never got around to it but here you go :)Sally Hansen is mostly known for her top quality nail products but this brand does have some cosmetics and beauty items such as this lip plumper.

First thing I should say is this isn’t one of those incredibly painful lip-plumpers where it feels like your lips are on fire, instead there is a very mild kind of tingling but it’s very slight and I know some people don’t even feel it working!
(Top Left, Before lipgloss, Top Right, Straight after application, Bottom Left, after about 10-20 minutes, Bottom Right, After 30 minutes)

Hopefully you can see above that the gloss is pretty much clear and starts working almost straight away and the ‘plump-ness’ lasts pretty well as I still think my lips are slightly bigger even after an hour. As far as actually lasting power I found it started disappearing after about an hour so a little bit longer than you average lipgloss.
Have any of you tried this lipgloss?
Or do you have any lip plumping suggestions??

Hope you've enjoyed!! x

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter NOTD 2011

I just wanted to show you my nails for Easter – which I think are super cute!
I used OPI’s Fiercely Fiona as the yellow base – This was the streakiest polish I’ve ever used, don’t waste your money on it.
Then I did some white triangles with Barry M’s Matte White
And finished off with a blob of orange for the beak and some black and white dots for the little eyes:)

What do you think? Have any of you done anything cute for Easter??
Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

Happy Easter

P.S what do you think of the new blog header? I'm still undecided!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Green Goddess EOTD

When I did my abstract nails the other day I was really in the mood for bright colours and that’s what prompted this little look – I also realised I’d never done a bright green make up look!
I decided after finishing this look that I wanted to add some crazy long, exaggerated false lashes! I never wear false lashes but I just felt this look could deal with them and I love them :)
I always went for very strong, thick black eyeliner just because for some reason I always think green can lack definition and on the few occasions I wear it I feel like I need something strong to balance it out!

Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Funky Abstract NOTD

I just wanted to share these pretty abstract nails I did this morning!
I normally stick with cute and pretty nail art designs but I fancied doing something a little different today with lots of bright colours – what do you think?

Surprisingly this was just as easy as a lot of my other designs this one is just more time consuming as there are quite a few steps and you need to wait for each colour to dry before moving on!
Would any of you wear something like this?
Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

P.S would anyone be interested in a little tutorial of how I did this?

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Night Out Essential!

I got this a few weeks ago in the AVON sale
(I’m pretty sure it’s still available on their website though).
I tried it last night and I just had to blog about it – it’s the perfect night out necessity!!
This product has three beautiful quality lip products in this one little tube so you can just pop it in your clutch and you’re sorted for all your touch ups.
(left-Right: LipLiner on it's own, Lipstick on top and all three together!)
This would also be great if you want to take your daytime make up into the night quickly as the lip liner is great for during the day and then you can just apply the lipstick and gloss to instantly make your lips into a statement!

The three products you get are:
All are surprisingly good quality and are designed to be long lasting both together and on their own!

I picked this up in the shade ‘berry’ because I thought this would be the perfect substitute for a red lip which I always think is impossible to really maintain but there are enough shades that you’re bound to find something to suit you!
(This is what the colour looks like in slightly harsher light)
Aside from how perfect this is to throw into your back and have everything you need all three products love lovely on there own!

Have any of you tried this product yet?
Hope you’ve found this useful!! x

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

PawPrint NOTD

I’ve been meaning to do this look for a while and the other day after applying a coat of OPI’s Rumple’s wiggin’ I thought it was the perfect colour to do some paw prints across :)
I really love it, it’s cute and actually really simple as it’s just lots of little black dots!
If you want to recreate this look simply paint your nails what ever colour you prefer (think this looks best of pastels as it just makes the look really sweet) then apply medium sized dots where you want the paw prints to be.. (these will be the soles or pads!)
Then try and do three smaller dots at the top of each circle to get your finished paw print!

I wouldn’t recommend doing paw prints all over the nails just because that might be too much and a little tip – take your time with these dots!

Will any of you be trying this look out?? Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Summer SunSet EOTD

Bright colours have been all over the catwalk this season and I really wanted to do a pretty colourful look the other day when the sun was shining so this is what I came up with :)When I did this I wasn’t expecting this to be wearable it was done to be a little bit editorial. But once I did this it was actually really pretty and kind of wearable, I’d definitely wear this with the colours a little bit more muted!Hope you like it!! x

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fulham Road

I’ve really been loving experimenting with my nails polishes in particular layering them up to get some really pretty looks and this is one of my favourite combinations!
Fulham road from nails inc was a gift and I could never figure out how to wear as on it’s own it’s pretty much transparent with a few shimmery bits but when I tried this over barry M bright purple (another colour which I never seem to reach for) I fell in love :)
I just really love how these two look, and I got a ton of compliments the week I wore these on my nails !

Have any of you layer your polishes? Let me know if you’ve found any great combos :) Hope you’ve enjoyed!! X

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bella by Calvin Klein

I mentioned this lipgloss back in my February favourites and I’m still loving it just as much!
I had never heard much about calvin klein’s make up range so when I picked this up I wasn’t expecting anything amazing – it was purely the colour which drew me in – a pretty rosy pink with some mauve undertones which makes it wearable for just about everyone. It also has some slight shimmer in it which just adds a little bit of dimension.
(straight after application)
But, after using this for months it’s not the colour which makes this one of my ultimate favourite lip glosses it’s the texture and longevity.
(This after an hour and half after applying)
This is completely none sticky, in fact it feels really creamy and incredibly hydrating!
(after 2 and a half -3 hours)
Hopefully you can see, that although the lipgloss and worn off and faded it hasn’t clung to any dry skin and it’s faded really evenly with my lips still having a glossy finish and a wash of colour :)
The packaging of their lipglosses are also really pretty with the Calvin Klein logo on the top and a brush applicator which I always think makes applying the gloss alot easier!

Calvin Klein cosmetics are a little bit difficult to get hold off however you can order them Amazon as well as their official store

Have any of you tried any Calvin Klein Cosmetics?
Hope you've enjoyed!! x