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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cold Cream

 I recently got a couple of boots vouchers through the post so, when I popped in I picked up a couple bits and pieces I wanted but I was £3 short of getting my double points so I picked up a tub of Cold Cream – something I’ve been meaning to test out for months.

 It’s a measly £2.42 for a whopping 200ml and is a bit of a cult product as it's the original make up remover that a lot of your grandparents probably used. If your looking for an extremely gentle nightly make up remover that will moisturise while taking off your make up - this might be the one for you. 

I personally only reach for this when I'm wearing more make up than normal as I find this a touch too heavy for every-day-use but, say after a night out this is perfect as it really cuts through the most long wearing foundation. I should also mention it does a pretty good job of getting through eye make up - without it stinging your eyes. Its not really cut out for waterproof mascara though.

 If your trying to fight/prevent ageing, one of the best methods if to keep your skin hydrated and plumped up, and nothing is going to moisturise your skin like this.

I use this by rubbing it over dry skin then leaving it a good 10 minutes or so (I usually use this time to get ready for bed) then using a muslin cloth - or a normal face cloth I just remove the cream and my make up with warm water. This is my night time saviour when I'm too lazy to do a full routine as i feel like it takes my make up off and moisturises my skin in one step. 

Overall I like this for days I want to treat my skin, however its not going to be part of my daily routine any time soon as its just too heavy. If you've got dry skin, or your looking into anti-aging and want something to really help plump up your skin, this might be something to look into as most make up removers can be quite drying however that's not to say that if you've got oily skin this isn't for you, you'd probably just have to use it much more sparingly.

I should also point out it has a relatively strong scent, that I'm personally not too keen on but my mum really enjoys. The smell also lingers for quite a well, it’s up to you whether that’s a negative though.

Let me know if you’ve tried cold cream and what your thoughts were on it :)

Hope this has been helpful!! x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Origins GinZing

I’ve put off doing this review for months now as it’s definitely going against the grain on popular opinion but as an eye cream junkie I really want to throw my thoughts on it out there. I’ll start with the basics, Origins Gin zing eye cream is available for around £21 for 15ml which is pretty average for a mid to high end eye cream it’s also pretty easy to get hold of.

Now the general premise of the eye cream is that it’ll lightly hydrate your under eyes while it’s distinctive peach colour will help to cancel out any blue tones and the tiny light reflecting particles will ‘lift’ the look of dark circles. This sounds great, I have two problems with it. Considering it’s designed purely as a day time eye cream the fact is has no spf is surely a bit rubbish no? Especially with the skin around your eyes being so delicate.

The other issue I have with it is that I just don’t feel like it keeps my under eyes moisturised. I like my eye creams to be pretty hydrating but even so I feel like after 30 minutes any moisturising properties seem to have disappeared.  

Regardless this is a good eye cream and I can definitely understand why so many people love it and continually repurchase it but if you’re after something to use day and night, this isn’t it. And for me I just don’t feel like the ingredients do anything long term – it makes my under eyes look better when I first apply it but it’s not going to prevent anything.

Overall, I’ll definitely use it all up but I’m not going to be repurchasing as I just think there are so many better eye cream that are so much more versatile as this really is just a one trick pony. It brightens and that’s about it.

Hope this has been helpful!

A short and sweet little review to try and get me back into the swing of blogging :)