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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Lip Product Tag

I've seen a few of these on various blogs and youtube, are there seem to be a ton of different questions with everyone sporting their own list! So I've done a bit of a combination of a few different lists.
1. Favourite balm or treatment?
I'm very low maintenance when it comes to lip care, which is bad. But I hate feeling like I have stuff on my lips so treatments are out the window since I only do a lip scrubs once in a blue moon. I'm going to be boring and go for my EOS Lip balm. 

2. Favourite eye catching Red/Bright
This has got to me Mac Russian Red. It's a lovely matte red that's just deep enough to make it easy for me to wear.

3. Favourite Pink Lipstick
This is strange, but I rarely wear pink lipstick. I just haven't found one that really suits me. The only 'pink' lipstick that I've kept in my clear out is Mac Viva Glam Gaga as I do like to keep a pink on hand 

4. Favourite Nude Lipstick
I am not a nude lipstick person. Oh I've dabbled with them, bought more than I can count but I've never worn one more than once or twice before dismissing it. Nudes just do not suit me.

5. Luxury or Drugstore?
Buying a luxury lipstick just makes me feel pressured - if you get a bad shade then you've shelled out all that money for something you'll never use (speaking from experience here with YSL 24..) So Drugstore all the way… although that depends where we're putting mac as I always think of mac as somewhere in between
6. Best Mac Lipstick
I do love my mac lipsticks so picking one is just hard!

7. Favourite Gloss
This is another easy one. I'm really not a lipgloss person, I just never wear them reaching for lipsticks over a gloss any day. But I recently bought a Buxom gloss in Sugar and I'm hooked. It tingles when applied which I usually hate but for some reason it stops it feeling so heavy - heavy gloopy, sticky glosses are my idea of a nightmare.

8. Favourite Spring/Summer shade
Honestly, once the weather warms up it's tinted lip balms all the way. And if I'm being honest the one I reach for most is vaseline rosy lips. Boring I know, but you just can't beat that slight wash of colour 

9. Favourite Autmn/Winter shade
Benefit Do Tell. This was another one I only had to contemplate for a moment or two as do tell instantly sprung to mind. It's the perfect winter colour for me adding some drama to your look while staying creamy despite frigid temperatures.

10. Lip Liner: yes or no?
i want to say yes, but i never, ever use one. I'm actually guilty of 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Gaga Blush

So I was clearing out my blog drafts - as soon as I have an idea for a post I make a draft. And post never make it past then, I have even more that are half done, some photos taken, some writing thrown in, but it's just too 'out of date' to finish and post now
Well I was clearing it (54 drafts down to 12!) and found these photos I took in NZ. And I honestly don't know why I didn't post this as wearing Mac Gaga Lipstick as a blush really is one of my favourite ways to wear it and I love the finish it give.s

The photos aren't great, but I think they show what the lipstick really looks like on the skin so I figured I'd post them anyway!
I rarely wear it on the lips, but I do often grab it for a lovely dewy pop of pink on the cheeks. 
The rest of my make up is nice and simple. Nars Sheer Glow, a mix of lots of random golden shades (the sort of eyeshadow look I do all the time), lashings of Benefit they're real mascara and slightly filled in brows. I'm also showing off my lovely new OPI Polish - Taupe-less Beach!
Still loving this colour.. despite having several colours shamefully similar!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Blush Tag

How many blushes do you own?
Now I've done my clear out, 9. But I'm not even going to hazard a guess at how many I had last week!
Favourite blush brush?
This is difficult since I switch out by brush all the time depending the blush and what look I'm going for… My most used it probably the Real Techniques Blush Brush for its versatility 

Peach vs Pink and favourites of each
The distinction between the two is hazy at best… is it cheating if I say 'peachy-pinks' over peaches or pinks? If I absolutely had to pick one it'd be peach since that's what I reach for more regularly 
Favourite Pink - Mac Two Virtues
Favourite Peach -  Sleek Rose Gold. It's not 'technically' a peach, but when it's on it definitely leans towards a peachy-coral

Drugstore vs High End and Favourites of each
Although price doesn't necessarily entail quality and there are really some amazing drugstore blushes out there, when i think of what I want to buy in the future it's a lost exclusively high end blushes - there's just something lovely about applying a blush in luxurious packaging in the morning… I'm aware buying a blush for the packaging is ridiculous but the heart wants what the heart wants!
High End - Nars. weirdly I don't actually have any right now since those I love I've used up
Drugstore - Sleek. Packaging and product are great value for money

Cream vs Powder
Something about cream blushes just suck me in, the idea of a lovely soft texture creating the perfect finish on the skin is addictive. But in reality they're just a bit of a faff to apply. So despite loving my cream blushes I'm definitely a powder blush girl at heart!
Most Overrated?
Nars Orgasm. 
Don't kill me, I know it's a cult classic… But I just don't get it. I ordered it, I waited with baited breath until it arrived, and then… it was just a bog standard blush. I mean it was pretty, it looked nice on, but it didn't do anything crazy. I gave it to my friend in the end as I just never reached for it.

Most Underrated?
The Balm blushes. 
I've only got the bahama mama and hot mama right now but I'm in love with the sleek, but cute packaging (pay attention benefit) and their buttery texture. I've certainly got my eye on a few others. 

Worth the Hype?
Mac Ladyblush
It really is quite unremarkable in the pan. But when it's on, its just so flattering. 
It's not been talked about quite so much recently, but when first bought it was definitely the product

Top 5 Blushes everyone should own
Blushes are so personal to your skin tone that this is really hard, but I have a few thoughts on it
1. A good 'basic'- one you throw on know it'll work with any look. For me, that's Mac Ladyblush 
2. I know shimmery blushes are a controversial one but when you're in a rush and your skin is looking drab a quick sweep of Sleek Rose Gold or Mac Stereo Rose just works wonders. 
3. A cool toned pink. I could talk for hours on why this is a necessity. Mac Two Virtues
4. Something to warm up your skin without resorting to bronzer. Topshop Head over Heels
5. The Blush/Bronzer mix. Lancome Oche Doree, is a light, warm bronzer when I'm pale and the perfect way to stop bronzers looking too muddy when tanned. 

This tag has been quite weird to do now my blush collection is so much smaller but it was really fun - I can't quite believe how much I just wrote about blushes though!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

American Haul

I've spent the last 3 months travelling and a large chunk of that was through North America. And being a little bit of a make up addict, I obviously couldn't pass through the states without picking up a few things!
I was pretty restrained, and held myself back from going crazy but I absolutely love everything I did get

EOS Lip Balm
I feel like this is just obvious. I've wanted one for ever, so I simply had to pick one up. obviously.

Mac Nocturnelle
A little while ago Fleur sported a light purple smokey eye and since then I've been hooked on finding the perfect purple. Especially since Mac Trax smashed on my travels
Essie Watermelon
This purchase is entirely due to Laura. I'm addicted to her blog, and I've come to trust her nail polish recommendations so when I saw this beautiful shade I knew it'd be making its way into my basket.
(I actually got this in Toronto not the USA and the brush is completely different, I'm hoping it's not a new shape as I much prefer the bigger brushes)

Essie Bikini So Teeny
I saw this years ago on various blogs and I've wanted to get my hands on ever since. But I could never find it in the UK so when I saw it in NYC it was another no-brainer.

Buxom Lipgloss Sugar
This was the only purchase I wasn't set on buying before landing in the USA, but after trying it on in Sephora I was sold. Given I usually hate lip glosses this one is pretty special.
Nars Duo Eyeshadow Kalahari 
I have been eyeing this up for months but bars is ridiculously pricey in NZ so as soon as I went into Sephora in the states I knew this was coming home with me!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Worth it? Deep Comfort

I love body moisturisers, specifically body butters. I swear I hoard them like an addict. And in keeping with the whole streamlining and simplifying things I decided to start trying to use some of them up.
Clinique Body Butter is the first body moisturiser I'd say I 'splurged' on, it's no where near as expensive as some higher end brands, but compared to my bog-standard Bodyshop Body Butters it's quite a step up at around £25! So I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on whether it was worth the extra.

It's got a light fragrance and a gorgeous creamy texture. It's not as heavy so other body butters I've used, and yet it definitely takes its time to sink in. I feel like it perfectly walks the line between begin an intensely rich moisturiser without leaving an film on your skin.

I have to say there is certainly a difference, but what surprised me most was the packaging. I know packaging shouldn't really matter as it's the product that counts… but when I'm paying this much for a moisturiser I expect some nice packaging, and the tub just felt cheap.

Overall there is definitely a difference in general texture and feel of the product itself. But just not enough to justify such a price difference for me. If you're wanting to treat yourself - go for it, but there are definitely better things you can splurge on to pamper yourself!
I just couldn't do this post without throwing in my buffing brush. There are all sorts of different types but the natural ones are much better than the plastic (apparently). I've had mine years and it's still going strong so I definitely recommend investing in a good one as they are little miracle workers!

This little abrasive brush, used every morning (or just whenever you remember if you're like me) honestly makes the biggest difference. My skin truly is noticeable smoother once I use it. And If I know I'm going to be showing some skin (e.g. before holiday or once the weather gets warmer) I always ensure it's in my routine. If you don't have one of these I highly recommend you run out and get one!