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Thursday, 24 July 2014

A Little Tan

Today was one of those days that LM tinted moisturiser didn't cut it, I just felt like slapping it on. So today I whacked our my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab. 

You probably already know since it's been popular so long, but it's really not sheer, nor does it 'glow', intact it's medium-full coverage with a pretty matte finish.
 I have definitely had a real love-hate relationship with this, I bought it around Christmas when I was travelling and despite initially loving it, I found that it just seemed to do nothing special.

I was all set to write an 'it's ok, but it's really not all that review' but I've had a 16hour day and my skin is still looking surprisingly good - definitely more 'glowy' but coverage has stayed. And looking at how beautifully it's photographed I'm resigned to accepting it's just going to be one of those love-hate products. Some days it just seems to work out better than others.
I just threw on Maybelline's Fit Concealer and master precise liner, Benefit Hoola Bronzer and They're Real mascara, L'Oreal Brow Artist, Lancome's Oche Doree for a touch more colour, and ELF Runway

Whenever I wear something fuller coverage during the day I tend to keep my eyes light, today I went for my current signature look, Sleek's light gold from the Storm palette and Urban Decay Smog in the outer corner. And of course lashings of mascara and slightly flicked eyeliner

 Punjab is definitely my summer shade, so I decided to go along with the summery theme and whip out ELF's runway pink lipstick. It's a really pretty pink, and it's as close to nude as I can ever bring myself to go. I feel it just washes me out completely when I'm my usual skin tone, but with a little bit of a tan I understand why so many people love it. Creamy, opaque, somewhat matte, and just such a flattering shade if you have a little colour
I obviously reached for benefit hoola to contour those hamster cheeks, and then I dabbed on Lancome's ochre doree as something in between a blush and bronzer.

Seeing these photos I am definitely in no rush to go back to my old pale skin (prior to New Zealand I was mac NC15 to give you an idea - or in other terms, I was always lighter than the lightest foundation shade) having a little tan definitely suits this hair colour anyway!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Shopping Basket

Online sales have been killing me recently - I can't buy anything since I'll be travelling but oh my goodness, all my online baskets are overflowing! These are a couple of my absolute favourite pieces that I'm tempted to order regardless of putting myself on a bit of a shopping ban

There's definitely a bit of a mix of winter and summer here, all I want to wear is big warm jumpers and knitted hats, but at the same time, next month I'll be up in California so all the pretty summer clothes out right now are calling my name :)

Sunday, 22 June 2014


This isn't something I'd usually think to put on here, but I bought my first beanie hat! (I think it's a beanie hat… I'm calling it that anyway). I know buying a hat isn't a particularly interesting purchase, but I actually only own one other hat, and that's just a big floppy thing for on the beach. Hat's just don't suit my face so I typically just avoid them, regardless of how much I love hats
I got this one from valley girl here in NZ, and it came with these gem-flowers all along the front. They're definitely not my cup of tea so I just cut them off as I much prefer it plain as the lilac colour is just so pretty! 

Also, I never realised just how warm hats keep you! Silly I know, but I wore this yesterday and I was toasty warm despite the chill in the air - I get why people love their hats in winter now!
As for make up, I kept it super simple, some eyeliner, mascara, a little bit of pencil in my brows and the amazing collection concealer - done. I was just popping to the library (on a saturday?!) so I just couldn't be bothered doing a full face
Let me know what you think of it - I'm still not 100% convinced I don't look silly in it

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Lady Blush

With winter firmly making itself known here my staple summer bronzed look is steadily being replaced in favour of a light sweep of blush (although I have to say New Zealand Winters in the North Island are so much milder than back home so I can't complain too much)
Mac Ladyblush has been in my collection for years, and my love of it is pretty cyclical. I don't think I've used it in maybe a year, but this last week or so it's been making an appearance every, single, day!  It really is just the perfect, natural looking blush, it's not too pink, or too red, or orang, nope, the undertones are super flattering.
I'm not really a huge fan of cream blushes, I always want to love them (I have a weak spot of all cream products I think) but I just find them a pain to apply and blend over a foundation - tell me I'm not the only one that all too often has ended up with patchy foundation because of blending cream blushes! But I've just been dabbing it on with the Real Techniques Stippling blush and blending it out with the buffing brush to get a beautiful, and easy, finish
I kept everything else really simple today, Laura Mercier primer, Lasting Perfection foundation and concealer (a lovely little combo for full coverage), and then my everyday maybelline liner and benefit they're real mascara - I decided to skip eyeshadow since I was in a rush 
Now we get to the real reason for this post, Ladyblush on the lips is amazing. Firstly the colour - stunning, i've actually been wearing it on my lips more than my cheeks recently as its just a gorgeous natural-ish pink-y sort of shade. Not only is the colour amazingly flattering but the finish and texture actually works so well! It's velvety finish that feels amazing on, and I suppose because it's actually a cream blush it doesn't bleed or settle into any lines. 

I've heard a lot about people applying their lipsticks onto their cheeks to get a dewy flush of colour, but putting a cream blush onto the lips is new to me at least. And I can't get over how using one product on the lips and cheeks suddenly makes everything looks so 'put together'!
Today was just a minimal effort day, but Ladyblush really turned it into something pretty! I'm already looking at mac's over cream blushes, as the price is so much easier to justify if you know you can use it as a blush and a lipstick! 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Asian Treats

I keep forgetting to write this post, I've had the pictures taken for weeks and had it on my to-do list for longer than I'm willing to admit. For some reason I always find myself distracted when I come to write this but I absolutely have to share these treats with you!
I picked them up when I was in Singapore, and I'm already contemplating how to get my hands on more when I run out. 
Cure's natural aqua gel is basically a chemical exfoliate, but it works 10x better than any others I've tried. I'll confess I'm a little bit it of a scaredy cat when it comes to these sorts of exfoliants, so I've only really dabbled in them, but this has me utterly looked - forget mircroexfoliants and all those silly beads - this is definitely the way forward!

You apply it onto dry skin (which I'll admit is a trifle annoying since I just want to be able to use it in the shower), then massage it over your skin. Almost instantly you'll start to feel little 'balls' build up which is basically the dead skin cells that are just sitting on your face.

I was awfully sceptical about this when I first read about it, assuming the 'balls' were just the product and that it was just some marketing gimeck. But it actually is your dead skin. I only really know this because if I use it too frequently I just don't get the little 'balls' as there's less dead skin cells. It all sounds a little 'yucky' but it's so easy, and stops your skin looking dull completely effortlessly.

I will most definitely be attempting to repurchase this as it's worth every penny - the only problem is trying to track it down! I'm not worrying about that too much though since I only use it once a week and it's lasting really well, so fingers crossed when I do run out it'll be easily available!
I actually bought 3 of these masks while in Singapore, I just couldn't wait to use them though so you only get a photo of one - the snail one is better than the snake one anyway. I figured I couldn't leave Singapore without trying some sheet masks - as they seem to be every beauty blogger's favourite asian product, these were the time sheet masks I tried and Oh My Gosh - they truly work so much better at 'brightening' and rejuvenating than any other mask I've tried. Sure there's a plethora of whitening and lightening masks you need to try and avoid (unless you want lighter skin of course) but in between all of those bleaching masks there are some absolute gems!

I can't quite tell whether this particular brand actually use snail mucus and snake venom, I've tried by best to search around online but the language barrier is proving pretty impenetrable. Hopefully they don't as the snail mask truly works wonders. I tried when I was in Brisbane as my skin was definitely not happy with me putting it through 4 long haul, 12+ hour flights in 1 month, and it made my skin look truly incredible. I just carefully draped it over my face, read a book, fell asleep reading (oops) and woke up to a slightly wet pillow and amazing skin!

I'm not recommending to fall asleep with one on, but they it really does work nothing short of a miracle on tired skin!