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Sunday, 30 January 2011


I’ve no idea where anyone would wear this but I think it’s pretty anyway :)I used my 120 pro palette available here. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend as the shadows are mixed quality and the pans often fall out but if you don’t wear bright colours that often and don’t want to spend a lot on individual bright shadows this is incredibly useful as you get just about every bright colour you’ll ever need.

I hope you like!! x

P.S I know there's no pink in the rainbow but I couldn't think of another name for this post :)

Monday, 24 January 2011

Shiro Cosmetics

This is another small business I’ve come across – I love the idea of supporting small companies that sell unique or hand made items. Shiro cosmetics sells vegan mineral loose shadows in hundreds of shades as well as vegan ‘intertubes’ which are basically lip tints.
Before I get into what I bought the packaging was perfectly done with a lovely personal touch with the hand written thank you note.
I bought five sample size eye shadows (I wanted to see the consistency before getting anything full sized)
(Left-Right Jigglypuff, S.S Anne, Meowth, Temple of Time and Master Sword)
But I needn’t have worried about the formula as they are finely milled to help prevent creasing, gorgeously pigmented and the colours are near enough identical to the images online – a rarity with online eye shadows as a lot of websites have terrible swatch pictures!As well as my five samples Caitlin threw in another two extra samples Midna and Trioforce
I’m incredibly impressed with these shadows, I haven’t been able to stop wearing them as the metallic and shimmery finishes are simply stunning! A full sized eye shadow is £3.22 which is pretty good and if you want to try out a few shadows Shiro cosmetics offers sample sets and collections.

P.S Shiro Cosmetics is based in the US so bare in mind the postage costs, I found the postage to be very reasonable though so it’s nothing to really worry about.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

NOTD Multicoloured

This is a slight twist on the usual leopard print look and again it really is super simple. I just used a white base (barry m) then dotted spots of colour, once that’s dry simply dot on your leopard print – I tried this with just pink spots and it looked just as cute :) If you’re just getting into nail art or are thinking of trying some bits definitely attempt some leopard print nails and experiment with the colours. It looks impressive but takes no more than 10 minutes to do!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Cookie Monster

This was my first encounter with Bomb Cosmetics and I was wary of comparing them to Lush and getting disappointed – their products and approach to business are relatively similar but Bomb cosmetics is definitely the smaller of the two and it's less well known with fewer stores and online reviews. Cookie monster is a sugary sweet bath blasters that has a very distinctive Girly scent that’s made up of vanilla, coconut, white chocolate and candyfloss. Surprisingly I could actually smell all of these notes with the coconut and candyfloss really coming out when it was in the water.

At £2.19 (£2.49 if you purchase online) this isn’t what you’d call a cheap bath, particularly if compared to Lush where the bath bombs are a little bigger for around the same price however this really was one of the best bath bombs I've tried to date!

The best bit about the cookie monster(apart from the adorable name) is how it performed and the effect it had on my skin. It fizzled for a about 10 minutes- alot longer than any Lush bombs I've had, and it filled the bath with a strong girly scent. Unlike most bath bombs I’ve tried the scent most definitely isn’t subtle – just like the colour of the water once you dropped the bomb in. You get a bright blue bath which I loved even if I was worried about it staining the bath as I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from other bloggers who have had that happen after using bath bombs with cheaper ingredients. But the only thing that lingered was the scent; both on my skin and all around my bathroom :) I’m definitely going to be exploring more of their products – if only because I love the atmosphere in their quaint little stores, the strength of the scent and how soft it made my skin feel after us - So expect quite a few more reviews of their products soon!

Overall I’d definitely recommend if you want a fun little treat and love strong scents, like myself. They have several stores all around the UK and you can find your closest one by checking out their website.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

UltraBland Review

Ultra bland (not exactly the most appealing name..) was my first experience of Lush skin care and I’ve got mixed opinions on it.

This was recommended to me by the lovely people in my local Lush who said it was suitable for all skin types and it’d be perfect for my dry skin as it was incredibly moisturising, you can get it on their website or at your local Lush at £6.10 for 45g or £9.75 for 100ml which I thought was pretty reasonable as that’s about average for a make up remover.

This make up remover is extremely hydrating as the creamy texture turns to an oil with the heat of your face – I know the idea of using an oil based product to remove your make up doesn’t sound too good but it’s meant to be the best type of product to use. And this definitely does remove all my make up, with it even managed to take off my eye make up and waterproof mascara!
(I’ve been using this near enough every day for over 2 months)

I only really have one issue with this as a make up remover and that’s the fact it’s very moisturising, which I know should be good for my skin but when I remove my make up I want my skin to feel squeaky clean and then I can hydrate it later with a moisturiser. Apart from that I do really like this and I’ll definitely finish off my tub although it may take me awhile as you only need a little bit so it lasts forever

Overall I doubt I’ll be repurchasing, partly because I think Boots’ make up removing balm works a lot better and for half the price plus I think I want to try out a few other bits from their skin care line.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

NOTD Leopard

I did this for New Year and I figured I’d share the nail art with you as it’s incredibly simple and quick so anyone can do it.
I applied a coat of Estee lauder ‘Frozen Fantasy’ (just because it’s one of the only brown polishes I own) and then put a light layer of Barry M’s ‘Gold’. Obviously you can make the background as glittery as you like – I know a few people who don’t normally wear polish wanted something a little more muted and have done a similar look with just a plain brown background!
Then I just used my dotting tool to ‘dot’ on the leopard print :)
P.S What do you think of the Blog's new look?

Sunday, 2 January 2011

2010 Favourites

This is just a quick run down of my favourite products of 2010 :)
Cleanser - simple refreshing cleanser
Toner – BodyShop seaweed toner
Moisturiser – Lancôme hydrazen neurocalm extreme soothing moisturising cream-gel (a bit of mouthful I know)
Eye cream – Clinique all about eyes rich
Lip treatment – Carmex Cherry
Exfoliator – St Ives blemish fighting scrub
Extra – L’Oreal Renewal lash Serum

Foundation – Mac studio sculpt
Concealer – Dior lift and sculpt
Blush – Clinique iced lotus
Eyeshadows – sleek storm palette
Mascara – Maybelline colossal mascara
Eyeliner – Bobbi brown gel liner
Lipstick – Natural collection Sunset
Brows – ELF eyebrow kit
Lipgloss – smash box (all their colours are lovely)

Polish – eyeko rain
Perfume – Chloe
Body exfoliator – BodyShop mango body scrub
Soap – Lush godmother
Top coat – seche vite
Make up remover – Lancôme Bi Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover
Eye Primer - mac's paintpots (Inidanwood is my current favourite)

(Just so you know it's taken me nearly a year to learn how to centralise text on here...lol)