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Friday, 30 July 2010

NOTD Sky High

Today’s just a quick NOTD using Sky High from Rimmel’s 60 second range that I picked up yesterday for £2 :) ( I think the normal RRP is around £4, but it varies ALOT)

I noticed 2 things with this, 1 the brush it really wide and makes painting your nails a doddle and secondly it really does dry super fast!

I’m definitely going to be on the look out for more from this range :)

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Just a little EOTD – obviously I didn’t actually wear this out during the day :p

I’m taking after Sophie, Hannah & Sara but just doing an EOTD instead of a FOTD. All my other make up was nice and simple so I won’t bore you by going through all that :p

I just used the 120 pro palette that Klaire always raves about and swiped on some of benefit’s bad gal mascara (This look was actually super simple and easy to do , maybe a tutorial coming up!)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sleek I-Divine Storm

Now I’ve FINALLY finished for the summer I can start getting up to date with my blog, there’s been a huge last minute push from all my teachers this last week so I’ve been up to my neck in deadlines :(

I’ve actually been meaning to do this post for AGES, I just never got round to putting all the images together…..

So, I’m pretty much in love with the sleek i-divine palettes – I only have the storm one at the moment, but don’t be surprised to see the other two appear in future hauls! I think the storm palette is probably the most wearable palette and it probably my most loved and well used palette I own purely because pigmentation, colour range and staying power are pretty amazing for the money. At only £5.99(I think it varies a little from place to place) you can’t go wrong!

I know I mention this palette a fair bit and one or two of you actually mentioned me maybe reviewing this or showing some looks I do on a daily basis using just this palette :) I opted for the different looks because a review would just turn into a huge rave :p

So here are some of the looks I do a lot –

I call this my cranberry look :) It’s a bit richer in colour in person

I’m no good at giving things names so I’m just calling this my blue eye make up

Obviously you can do a smokey eye -I normally do it much darker however I was wearing this to college and I didn’t think I’d be able to get away with a full on smoky eye :p

I don’t know why this looks so bright… It’s actually much more muted, a kind of sage green that looks gorgeous with brown eyes – I use these colours quite a lot :)

Then you can always do a really simple tawny, natural look – well, neutral compared to the others!

This is by no means the only combinations you can do! All the colours blend together really well, that’s one reason I love it – it’s got all the colours you need for near enough every wearable look

As far as mascara goes I thought I might as well stick with the Sleek theme and I swiped on some of their eye drama mascara – I’ll review this properly soon but I like it.(I forgot to take a picture of it :/)

P.S the shadows are mineral and I know some people don’t like mineral make up, but I’ve found them really easy to work with & I’ve dropped the palette a few times and the only bit that’s crumbled in the maite black!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Honey Bee.

Yesterday was just one of those days – I felt pretty poop & everything was going wrong and to top it all off it was miserable outside!

So I was in desperate need of a pick me up… in the form of a Lush Bath Bomb!

I’ve had Honey Bee for quite a while and like I do with most of my bath bombs now, it was being ‘saved for a special occasion’ – What special occasion I was waiting for I’ve no idea :p

Lush says –
Honey Bee smells like caramel, much like Honey, I Washed The Kids soap and Soft Coeur massage bar do. Honey Bee holds its own special distinction, though; in addition to soothing honey, it has Moroccan rhassoul mud to clean and soften your skin.

I gotta say I didn’t notice any mud at the bottom of my bath like a lot of people said however my skin did feel super soft and when I drained the bath their was some residue that reminded me a little of mud =p

So anyway it smells a lot like honey bun which smelt almost identical to honey I washed the kids soap only a little bit sweeter. The only difference in the scent between the two that I’ve noticed it it’s much more subtle.

There were only 2 real differences I noticed between this and previous reviewed Honey Bun. The first is obviously Honey Bee is humongous! I cut it in half because it is seriously huge & the second difference is the smell lasts longer in the bath – I still couldn’t smell it on my skin afterwards though :/

And like with honey bun the colour it turns the water is…. Iffy to say the least!

No bubbles :(

Will I repurchase? Probably not, partly because Lush has so many other bath bombs I want to try out & the water colour kinda puts me off!

Monday, 5 July 2010


OK this is a little bit random but I just really wanted to try this look when I saw it in a magainze last week :)
(I really need a new camera – the colours just aren’t showing up very well :[ any recommendations?)

I know most you (oh at least those who live in the UK) got glamour last month as they had some amazing free benefit products but hidden in it’s depths was this advert –
Advertising OPI’s new Shrek collection. Ignoring the nail polishes(which I actually really want to get my hands on!) The model has gorgeous eye make up so I figured I’d have a go at creating it.

Obviously it’s not identical (partly because mine isn’t photoshopped to death :p) and partly because I did it on the wrong eye… don’t ask me how I managed that but by the time I realised I’d taken the make up off both of my eyes ;/
I made my own green liner (as I obviousy don't own any bright green eyeliners..) and I just used a few eyeshadows to get the colour, some Vaseline, mixed them together and then set it with another green eyeshadow – I did a similar thing for the yellow because I wanted it to be pretty bright :)

This is just a bit of fun and I’m not sure I’m brave enough to really wear this out and about… maybe to a party… anyway all thoughts appreciated and I hope you enjoyed!! x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

What's in My Make Up Bag

What’s in my make up bag?
(I’m actually embarrassed about how much stuff I have in here XD I swear I don’t use half of this to top up my make up….)

So my make up bag that I use daily is from lancome – I got it free with two other lacome items for my birthday & I love it :)

Ok so onto the mammoth collection of stuff I have inside….

All my ‘face’ products are equipped with humongous mirrors( bar my elf concealer which I never use anyway because it’s too dark…)

Lancôme’s bronzer in 01 ochre dorii
Benefit’s Get even in 01
Lancôme’s eyeshadow duo in autumn leaves( the little sponge tipped things are too bad either)

My absurd amount of lip products consists of

Revlon’s long lasting lipgloss in 005
Mac’s viva glam II
Clinique’s berry blush (love this!)
Body shop’s cherry lip butter
Body shop’s vitamin e lip care stick
Natural collection’s lipstick in Rose Bud
Blistex lip splash
Natural collection’s lip liner in almond

(viva glam II, rose bud, berry blush, almond, 005)

Miscellaneous Make up

Elnett hairspray – love this stuff :)
A cheapy Primark brush – it just picks up a tiny bit of product so it’s good for light touch ups
Virgin Vie kabuki brush – it’s small and an amazing kabuki brush for the price
Rimmel soft kohl eyeliner – essential when I’m wearing eyeliner, I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t need topping up!

And other random stuff :)

Hand gel – sorta self explanatory
Prada Milano perfume – still not sure if I like this so I’m trying to wear it more to make my mind up on it =]
Body shop’s deodarant – lol it’s summer and its hot…
Uhm… a broach… no idea why this is in here…
Similarly, no idea why this is in here… but it’ cute :)

I don’t think I was tagged to do this but whatever :P

I tag….
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& everyone else who fancies doing this :)