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Saturday, 3 July 2010

What's in My Make Up Bag

What’s in my make up bag?
(I’m actually embarrassed about how much stuff I have in here XD I swear I don’t use half of this to top up my make up….)

So my make up bag that I use daily is from lancome – I got it free with two other lacome items for my birthday & I love it :)

Ok so onto the mammoth collection of stuff I have inside….

All my ‘face’ products are equipped with humongous mirrors( bar my elf concealer which I never use anyway because it’s too dark…)

Lancôme’s bronzer in 01 ochre dorii
Benefit’s Get even in 01
Lancôme’s eyeshadow duo in autumn leaves( the little sponge tipped things are too bad either)

My absurd amount of lip products consists of

Revlon’s long lasting lipgloss in 005
Mac’s viva glam II
Clinique’s berry blush (love this!)
Body shop’s cherry lip butter
Body shop’s vitamin e lip care stick
Natural collection’s lipstick in Rose Bud
Blistex lip splash
Natural collection’s lip liner in almond

(viva glam II, rose bud, berry blush, almond, 005)

Miscellaneous Make up

Elnett hairspray – love this stuff :)
A cheapy Primark brush – it just picks up a tiny bit of product so it’s good for light touch ups
Virgin Vie kabuki brush – it’s small and an amazing kabuki brush for the price
Rimmel soft kohl eyeliner – essential when I’m wearing eyeliner, I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t need topping up!

And other random stuff :)

Hand gel – sorta self explanatory
Prada Milano perfume – still not sure if I like this so I’m trying to wear it more to make my mind up on it =]
Body shop’s deodarant – lol it’s summer and its hot…
Uhm… a broach… no idea why this is in here…
Similarly, no idea why this is in here… but it’ cute :)

I don’t think I was tagged to do this but whatever :P

I tag….
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.Shine by Three
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& everyone else who fancies doing this :)


Anonymous said...

Ring !!!!

Maja said...

I love your comments also in english :)

And I want your ring!
It´s soo cute ♥


Lane :) said...

<3 the ring. i love things are adorable and totally unique. :)

rebecca said...

Thanks for the tag!
I have SO MUCH make up, but only ever use about 4 products.... :$


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Kasia said...

Thanks for the tag!;)

btw gorgeous ring!;)


Charly said...

Ooh thanks for the tag sweetie, will try and do one of my shameful make up bag this week!hehe and loovee the ring :)



Ansa said...

Very nice. Love your ring. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm now following yrs xx

Dina (XYYan) said...

Thanks for tagging me! Wow, you got much more stuffs in your makeup bag than me, hehe..

Jo said...

Thank you for the tag :) I love seeing other people's make up collections. Sorry it's taken me so long to comment!

I'll definitely do this tag at some point - I have a ton of make-up though and it's in drawers rather than a bag :)

Oh, I adore the ring too!


Anonymous said...

I love The body shop lip care product
The coco butter is so good
OMG you should see mine it screams messy lool