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Monday, 30 May 2011

40 Heatless Days

It’s been proven hundreds of times that using heated tools is the biggest cause of hair damage and since I’m endeavouring to grow my hair I’ve been trying to use so..
(I've put everything heat related away in box under my bed to avoid temptation!)
I’ve decided to go 40 days without anything hot touching my hair, including hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, crimpers, wavers etc… and I’m going to do a little post at the end to let you know if I’ve actually noticed a difference to the health of hair!

Have any of you done something similar?
And more importantly are any of you going to join me in scrapping the hot tools for a while?! xx

(you’re hair always grows at the same pace however the more damage you do to your hair the easier it breaks of so sometimes it looks like your hair isn’t growing when in fact it’s just breaking off!)

P.S I’m making an exception for my birthday and for prom both of which fall into the next 40 days, but I'm just going to add on an extra two days to make up for it :)

Thursday, 26 May 2011


This is one of the cutest nail art looks I think I’ve done so I couldn’t wait to share it with you!
Little owls :)

A lot of people mention when I do these posts that they don’t have the patience for looks like this, but I always do my nails while doing college work or something like that so my nails get plenty of time to dry and it doesn’t feel like I’m waiting for ever!
Hope you enjoyed!! x

(This is just a quick little post, but I've got a few prewritten ones to go up over the next few weeks so hopefully there shouldn't be a gap in posts because of exams!)

Monday, 23 May 2011

Lip Art?

I love experimenting with editorial looks and I’ve done a ton of nail art posts and eye make up looks which are pretty un-wearable if really pretty. However I’ve never branched into lip art, but I have admired several looks for ages so I decided to finally give it a go!
This is what I came up with – what do you think?

This was my first attempt and working on my lips was defiantly different but I really enjoyed it, do you fancy seeing any more things like this?

Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Midnight sparkles NOTD

I was in the mood this week to do something a little darker than normal but a little bit different to the classic black polish I normally wear for a night out.
I used one coat of cobalt blue and then one coat of Navy from Barry M because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted! I then did a swipe of collection 2000 Inca silver glitter to create a pretty, subtle classic nail look which anyone could do!
Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

P.S a lot of these posts from now on are probably prewritten as its exam season so if I don’t reply straight away but I’ll get back to everyone eventually!! :)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation

This has been my foundation of choice for the past six months (since I first bought it) so it’s about time I finally got around to writing a review on it!

Mac describes this as ''a medium coverage foundation with a natural matte finish'' and I think that’s pretty accurate. beacuse it's so pigmented it's really easy to build this up for a full coverage look and you need less than a pea sized amount for medium coverage!
On the downside if you want a sheer coverage you'd have to add some moisturiser.
You can get this for £23 online from the Mac website or from pretty much any department store.

The reason I first picked this up was because I struggled to find a foundation that matched my skin tone, and if you have difficulty finding the perfect colour I'd definately recomend mac as in this foundation they offerMac offer 24 different shades ranging from NW and NC 15 right up to NW55 so you’re found to find one shade which works with your skin.

My skin is pretty normal, verging on dry in winter and oily in summer and I’ve used this throughout winter and it hasn’t dried my skin out, or emphased dry patches while in the recent warm weather it’s kept everything matte and prevented shine :)

Overall this really is a great all purpose foundation which I can imagine suiting a whole range of skin types so I suggest you definitely take a look next time you pass a Mac counter as I know I’m going to be repurchasing this!

Hope this has been helpful!! X

P.S despite the high pigmentation it’s really easy to buff this into your skin to create a ‘no-make-up’ look!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mermaid EOTD

I was playing around with my 180 palette the other day and I decided to make use of some really pretty shimmer sea foam green colours and I really love how this looks and it’s incredibly easy so anyone could recreate this look!
I just applied a gorgeous shimmery green all over the lid and crease area then applied a slightly more blue shadow as exagerated cat-eyeliner and blended really well :)

Something like this would look beautiful with false lashes but for me I thought my natural ones would do as the colours really are the focal point of this look and I didn’t want anything to distract from them :)

Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

(This is another quick little post, but I've got some longer ones coming up - do you prefer these short ones or my longer ones? or a mixture of both?)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

BodyShop face masks.

I own three BodyShop masks and I seriously love them!
All the masks are between £8 and £11 for which you get a tub of 100ml which, although sounds a little pricey, you easily get 20 applications (I normally get about 30ish) which leaves those £1 masks looking surprisingly expensive!
The BodyShop currently has 7 different masks meaning there really is something for every skin type.

Seaweed Ionic clarifying mask
The seaweed range is designed for oily/combination skin, so, since my skin is normal, this is perfect for clearing up any break outs and controlling oil if for some reason my skin is playing up.
This particular mask is also incredibly cooling with a really distinct scent.
(I’ve actually repurchased this mask which just goes to show how much I love it!)

TeaTree face mask
This particular mask is meant for blemish skin however I don’t find this does anything to any blemishes, rather it’s just very soothing, calming and always just balances my skin out. It also doesn’t become hard when it dries like the seaweed mask
(which is a shame as I actually quite like the feeling of the mask drying, pulling out impurities)

This is defiantly the classic bright green, slightly scary, mask! The scent was at first a little overpowering however I quickly got used to it and I actually really like the scent.

Nutriganics smoothing mask
This is my least used, not because I don’t like it, but because I only need this in winter when my skin becomes a little dry. It’s targeted at people with the first skins of aging which doesn’t include me, however I still love this for lightly hydrating my skin.
I’d recommend this to anyone more mature or with sensitive or dry skin as this always works a treat for me when my skin is a bit under the weather!

Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

(You can always ask for a sample in store if you just want to try out a mask and see how it works!)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Strawberry Libertine NOTD

This is another little nail art post, I’ve got some reviews and some other different types of posts already written but I’m trying to save them for exam season!
I picked up Rimmel’s Strawberry Libertine on Saturday as I’m in a bit of a pink mood at the moment, anyway I tried it out straight away and I really love it. Rimmel polishes, although not the best in colour range, have an amazing consistency and a really thick brush so it’s incredibly easy to apply – definitely going to be picking up more Rimmel polishes in the future!

I just did a simple, thin black strip on each nail and dotted white polish along the line to create an amazingly simple and quick nail art which I really like as it’s quite subtle and pretty :)

Let me know what you think of Rimmel Polishes and this nail art!

Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Colour Blocking EOTD

Colour Blocking was all over the catwalks this season and I love how it looks and the other day while thinking about what to wear I decided to do my own version of colour blocking on my eyes :)I went for a bright blue (Urban Decay's Peace) all over the lid and tried to create a very definite and sharp eye shape with a bright pink (Barry M's 85 - Neon Pink) all around the edges.

To finish up I applied a strong black cat-eye liner and lots of mascara!

Let me know what you think – Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

P.S I’ve reached 400 followers!!!