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Monday, 23 June 2014

Shopping Basket

Online sales have been killing me recently - I can't buy anything since I'll be travelling but oh my goodness, all my online baskets are overflowing! These are a couple of my absolute favourite pieces that I'm tempted to order regardless of putting myself on a bit of a shopping ban

There's definitely a bit of a mix of winter and summer here, all I want to wear is big warm jumpers and knitted hats, but at the same time, next month I'll be up in California so all the pretty summer clothes out right now are calling my name :)

Sunday, 22 June 2014


This isn't something I'd usually think to put on here, but I bought my first beanie hat! (I think it's a beanie hat… I'm calling it that anyway). I know buying a hat isn't a particularly interesting purchase, but I actually only own one other hat, and that's just a big floppy thing for on the beach. Hat's just don't suit my face so I typically just avoid them, regardless of how much I love hats
I got this one from valley girl here in NZ, and it came with these gem-flowers all along the front. They're definitely not my cup of tea so I just cut them off as I much prefer it plain as the lilac colour is just so pretty! 

Also, I never realised just how warm hats keep you! Silly I know, but I wore this yesterday and I was toasty warm despite the chill in the air - I get why people love their hats in winter now!
As for make up, I kept it super simple, some eyeliner, mascara, a little bit of pencil in my brows and the amazing collection concealer - done. I was just popping to the library (on a saturday?!) so I just couldn't be bothered doing a full face
Let me know what you think of it - I'm still not 100% convinced I don't look silly in it

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Lady Blush

With winter firmly making itself known here my staple summer bronzed look is steadily being replaced in favour of a light sweep of blush (although I have to say New Zealand Winters in the North Island are so much milder than back home so I can't complain too much)
Mac Ladyblush has been in my collection for years, and my love of it is pretty cyclical. I don't think I've used it in maybe a year, but this last week or so it's been making an appearance every, single, day!  It really is just the perfect, natural looking blush, it's not too pink, or too red, or orang, nope, the undertones are super flattering.
I'm not really a huge fan of cream blushes, I always want to love them (I have a weak spot of all cream products I think) but I just find them a pain to apply and blend over a foundation - tell me I'm not the only one that all too often has ended up with patchy foundation because of blending cream blushes! But I've just been dabbing it on with the Real Techniques Stippling blush and blending it out with the buffing brush to get a beautiful, and easy, finish
I kept everything else really simple today, Laura Mercier primer, Lasting Perfection foundation and concealer (a lovely little combo for full coverage), and then my everyday maybelline liner and benefit they're real mascara - I decided to skip eyeshadow since I was in a rush 
Now we get to the real reason for this post, Ladyblush on the lips is amazing. Firstly the colour - stunning, i've actually been wearing it on my lips more than my cheeks recently as its just a gorgeous natural-ish pink-y sort of shade. Not only is the colour amazingly flattering but the finish and texture actually works so well! It's velvety finish that feels amazing on, and I suppose because it's actually a cream blush it doesn't bleed or settle into any lines. 

I've heard a lot about people applying their lipsticks onto their cheeks to get a dewy flush of colour, but putting a cream blush onto the lips is new to me at least. And I can't get over how using one product on the lips and cheeks suddenly makes everything looks so 'put together'!
Today was just a minimal effort day, but Ladyblush really turned it into something pretty! I'm already looking at mac's over cream blushes, as the price is so much easier to justify if you know you can use it as a blush and a lipstick! 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Asian Treats

I keep forgetting to write this post, I've had the pictures taken for weeks and had it on my to-do list for longer than I'm willing to admit. For some reason I always find myself distracted when I come to write this but I absolutely have to share these treats with you!
I picked them up when I was in Singapore, and I'm already contemplating how to get my hands on more when I run out. 
Cure's natural aqua gel is basically a chemical exfoliate, but it works 10x better than any others I've tried. I'll confess I'm a little bit it of a scaredy cat when it comes to these sorts of exfoliants, so I've only really dabbled in them, but this has me utterly looked - forget mircroexfoliants and all those silly beads - this is definitely the way forward!

You apply it onto dry skin (which I'll admit is a trifle annoying since I just want to be able to use it in the shower), then massage it over your skin. Almost instantly you'll start to feel little 'balls' build up which is basically the dead skin cells that are just sitting on your face.

I was awfully sceptical about this when I first read about it, assuming the 'balls' were just the product and that it was just some marketing gimeck. But it actually is your dead skin. I only really know this because if I use it too frequently I just don't get the little 'balls' as there's less dead skin cells. It all sounds a little 'yucky' but it's so easy, and stops your skin looking dull completely effortlessly.

I will most definitely be attempting to repurchase this as it's worth every penny - the only problem is trying to track it down! I'm not worrying about that too much though since I only use it once a week and it's lasting really well, so fingers crossed when I do run out it'll be easily available!
I actually bought 3 of these masks while in Singapore, I just couldn't wait to use them though so you only get a photo of one - the snail one is better than the snake one anyway. I figured I couldn't leave Singapore without trying some sheet masks - as they seem to be every beauty blogger's favourite asian product, these were the time sheet masks I tried and Oh My Gosh - they truly work so much better at 'brightening' and rejuvenating than any other mask I've tried. Sure there's a plethora of whitening and lightening masks you need to try and avoid (unless you want lighter skin of course) but in between all of those bleaching masks there are some absolute gems!

I can't quite tell whether this particular brand actually use snail mucus and snake venom, I've tried by best to search around online but the language barrier is proving pretty impenetrable. Hopefully they don't as the snail mask truly works wonders. I tried when I was in Brisbane as my skin was definitely not happy with me putting it through 4 long haul, 12+ hour flights in 1 month, and it made my skin look truly incredible. I just carefully draped it over my face, read a book, fell asleep reading (oops) and woke up to a slightly wet pillow and amazing skin!

I'm not recommending to fall asleep with one on, but they it really does work nothing short of a miracle on tired skin!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Colder Weather

While all you lucky people in the northern hemisphere are embracing the warmer weather, winter is steady creeping in down under. So I'm doing the only logical thing, and piling on the layers - clothes and make up! I just use the changing seasons as an excuse to mix up my make up
I've loved experimenting with Collection's Lasting Perfection Foundation, it reminds me a lot of revlon colorstay as it dries pretty quickly leaving a relatively matte finish but with 100% better packaging, a thicker consistency and minus the smell.
 L'Oreal Brow Artist, Mac Woodwinked Eyeshadow, Bobbi Brown Eyeliner, Benefit They're Real, Benefit Hoola, Collection Concealer, Mac Painterly Paint Pot, Mac Craving Lipstick
The packaging is great - it's literally all you can ask for a foundation container, glass bottle, simple design, and a pump! I don't ask for much in my foundation packaging - looking at you Mac and Nars and every other brand that still sells plastic bottles bottles without pumps!
As far as shades go, it's a little hard. There's only a handful of shades, and they all look the exact same in the frosted glass bottles. The names are also a bit misleading. Mine is 'cool beige' but I'm not entirely sure what's meant be 'cool' since it's definitely got a warm undertone… Anyway I just picked up the number that corresponded to the concealer shade that suits me and I got a pretty good match

I should also say it definitely oxidises a fair bit once it's fully dried, for my shade that works quite well, however it's something you should be aware of when trying to find your shade in store.
 I'm still clinging to the idea of summer and resisting swapping my bronzer for blush - although I have toned down the amount of shimmery bronzers - sadly. I adore Mac Craving Lipstick - although I'm probably going to feature this in another post as I can't wait to ramble about it

Along the theme of transitioning to winter - I always know when winter has come when my breakfasts turn warm. I just can't stand starting the day with something cold when it's freezing outside. My absolute favourite at the moment is this delicious, filling and oh so easy Apple Cinnamon Oats.
It's just some oats, popped into the microwave with water for a few minutes and some yummy slightly cooked apples! I just chop up half an apple, liberally sprinkled it with cinnamon, add a splash of water and cook. I've cooked the apples in the microwave (when I was in a crazy rush) and also in the oven, honestly they taste about the same but using the microwave means less washing up! Oh and I also throw in some extra cinnamon into the oats, but that's just because I love cinnamon

Let me know if you like these posts with a jumble of things in them, I personally love reading longer posts with lots of different elements!

Saturday, 14 June 2014


I am well and truly fed of up of living in places I can't decorate. Sure duvet covers, pillows and cushions, books and ornaments make the world of difference and allow you firmly put your stamp on a new place but it's just not the same as having somewhere of my own.
 I'm certainly not ready to enter into the big wide world of being a fully fledged adult, I am more than happy to wait a while before I have to deal with a 9-5 and bills and all those other terribly boring aspects of being adult. Having my own place though? That bit can't come soon enough!

Pinterest has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a while now, somehow I just lose hours on there! Recently there's been a decidedly interior decor focus on what I've been pinning, I just can't stop lusting over some people's beautiful homes!
Big headboards, Gallery Photo Walls, Accent Walls, Quirky details and a decidedly 'white' base are definitely recurring themes. These are just a couple of my favourite pictures I've pinned recently. I'd love a big window seat - something about sitting right in the window just seems super cosy and romantic.. just me? 
Tell me I'm not the only one who cannot wait to have my own place I can decorate how I please, and fill with my own collection of bits and pieces! Even if it's a tiny studio, having my own place seems to symbolise so much freedom. Let me know your thoughts :) 

Friday, 13 June 2014

21st Birthday Make Up

So it was my birthday last week.. and it's technically not over since I'll be celebrating my Birthday in LA, and then again when I get to England and finally see my family - so my Birthday is sort of being stretched out over 4 months. And I'm completely fine with that!
As far as make up goes it's just an excuse to wear all my favourite things without worrying about them being limited edition, or hard to get hold of etc. I'm never adventurous when it comes to what I put on my face on my Birthday - I have a tried and tested look that just makes me feel 'pretty' on the day!
My hair was a little bit crazy but I rolled with it, I had a test (exams on your birthday are utter rubbish in case you couldn't tell) so I popped it up for my exam and just left it down in its unruly madness for cocktails in the evening 

Skin was Benefit's Porefessional Primer - I still can't tell if this actually does anything or is just another useless product, I slapped it on regardless. Laura Mercier's Tinted moisturiser, I've found this only really looks amazing when you have the time to truly work it into the skin otherwise it always goes patchy, but I spent a luxurious amount of time applying my make up on my birthday! 
Every single year I've worn the same eye look on my birthday, the liner and mascara have changed but the eyeshadows stay the same - Mac Allthatglitters over the lid and Mac Satin Taupe through the outer corner and crease, the mixture of colours is gorgeous, the warm shimmer of allthatglitters brings our the silvery tones of satin taupe
I saw Tanya Burr do this for her birthday make up years ago and ever since it's just been my 'birthday look' I can't wear this combination any other day without it just feeling strange!

(when I was searching for the video to link I couldn't believe it was back in 2011 that I first saw this)
I finished everything off by lightly filling in my brows, plenty of hoola bronzer, a touch of Mac Stereo Rose (limited edition and so used sparingly) and Lush Snow Fairy Lip Tint, which is just such a beautiful colour on the lips, and best of all it really feels like you're not wearing anything!

 I'm not entirely sure how I feel about turning 21, I don't get to do anything exciting (except drink when I go to the States) so the only thing I get by turning 21 is older - and that's just boring. But regardless of getting, sort of, old, the day was beautiful - the sun well and truly came out and I spent the evening drinking margaritas while the sun set over the lake with some amazing friends in New Zealand, all in all, can't really complain!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Weekly Update!

I've had the most amazing week, it's been jam packed but oh so worth it. The downside is i've just been so busy blogging has kind of slipped my mind. I've taken the odd photo and I've even jotted down some notes of posts I want to do, but actually putting together a blog post just hasn't quite happened!
It was my birthday, so lots of cards, presents, birthday cakes and margaritas ensued! It was a little strange celebrating it in a different continent without my old friends and family around. But it was so much fun - and the best excuse to wear all my favourite make up
There was also a leaving party since myself and so many of my lovely friends are all departing New Zealand in the next week or so. And it was 007 James Bond themed! It was the perfect excuse for us to all get completely dolled up and spend hours and hours doing each other make up and hair (I definitely didn't spend over 4 hours drinking wine and applying lipgloss…) Oh and the meal itself was yummy
Love all of these amazing people!
This is a pretty short round up, but I ended the week by reading the Fault in our Stars in a day before going to see it in the cinema with some friends. I definitely had a couple of tears reading the book, and the movie might have tipped me over the edge with the waterworks! The evening was finished then my going to a local night market and gorging ourselves with churros and delicious thai food.

The rest of the week has mainly been spent in meetings and the library - deadlines are fast approaching and I'm starting to panic over how much I have to do and just how little time I actually have left!

This is a super random, and possibly boring, post, but I promise I'll get back onto it soon. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bold Lips

Something about having lighter hair just seems to play down bold lips. Take the beautiful Russian Red, there's something so luxuriously retro in the opaque matte finish that I adore. But with my natural dark brown hair it's relegated to the occasional night out, as it just seems too much during the day
Now my hair's lighter Russian red just doesn't seem so 'sexy', and I feel like I can pull it off during the day. Not that I whip it out very often since New Zealand's dress code is pretty relaxed (it always makes an appearance when I head over to Sydney or Auckland though it)
I'm really torn at the moment on what to do with my hair. Although I do like the grown out look it's going to get to the point where I need to decide what to do with it. I'm currently leaning towards going a little lighter ready for the USA - something about having light hair (possibly even blonde) in California just seems right!
 The only complaint I really have with Mac's Russian Red, is that it's a bit of a pain to apply without a lip brush - and I detest needing to use a brush with lipstick. But that's really my only complaint, it's matter so lasts beautifully, and unlike a lot of mattes it feels creamy and doesn't dry out my lips

I'm so glad I went with Russian Red rather than Ruby Woo as I debated for a solid week, going to the mall in Dubai almost every day to try the two out… Having said that I can't rule our Ruby Woo somehow finding it's way into my make up bag at some point!
 Red isn't the only lipstick that I've found myself feeling more confidently wearing since I lightened my hair. Mac's Pink Nouveau is another lipstick I wore only every so often with my darker hair but now it definitely comes out at least once a week!
Pink certainly seems like an easier colour to wear than red but honestly I find this so much harder to pull off than the classic retro red. I do love it for days when I want to keep the rest of my make up super light and simple - a bold lip is just the perfect way to make it look like you've put in some effort!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Beauty Confession

You know those things that are repeated so often, by your grandmother,  or by a youtuber, anevery girly magazine out there, that they become beauty 'rules'? Well I thought I'd share a couple of the rules I oh so guilty of breaking… repeatedly! I think everyone has a couple of things they know they should/shouldn't do but do anyway, so I thought I'd start the ball rolling

Curling my Eyelashes
I just never do it. My lashes are naturally pretty straight, and as soon as I add some mascara they drop and curling simply doesn't make a difference. Even when using waterproof mascara and fastidiously curling my lashes before hand they last perhaps half an hour before they are as straight as before!

I can't see the point in doing extra damage to my lashes by curling them when it does very little. Although perhaps more sinfully I have curled my lashes after applying mascara -  it's happened only in times of desperation and even then the curl only lasts an hour or so. Someone needs to invent something to keep lashes properly curled all day

Washing Brushes
Don't get me wrong, I certainly do wash ym brushes, just not as often as I should. I know that regularly washing they keeps bacteria at bay and so improves your skin. Clean brushes also apply your make up so much better. But honestly I'm just too lazy to do it as often as I should. It always seems like such an effort to wash them, particularly was once I wash one I feel like I might as well wash them all and then I'm at the sink for ages. And don't even get me started on them taking an age to dry! I have count of the amount of times I've had no brushes to do my make up in the morning because they haven't fully dried over night…

Dry Shampoo
OK, so I know this isn't technically breaking a beauty rule since dry shampoo was made for those days you don't want to wash your hair. But I am definitely guilty of pushing it - sometimes washing my hair just feels like an effort, particularly if I'm not doing anything important the next day. I usually resort to libellously spraying dry shampoo when I have a big event the day after tomorrow, as I obviously don't want to wash my hair tonight and then the next too - I try and wash my hair no more than every other day. I'm certainly guilty of overdoing the dry shampoo though, and this is one bad habit I don't see ending any time soon since I'm getting a slight addiction to all the different types of dry shampoo out there

Toner as Make up Remover
This is one I don't hear a lot of people talking about but I'm sure I'm not the only one… I'm generally pretty good at always taking my make up off before bed, but sometimes the whole nightly routine think seems like too much - usually after a couple of cocktails! And make up wipes just don't cut it for me if I have layered on the make up. But, toner on a cotton pad cuts through make up like nothing else, and it actually leaves my skin feeling pretty clean!

I'm glad to say this isn't a bad habit I've done in quite a while now, I think that's mainly due to attempting to streamline my skin care so I don't actually have a toner with me right now. Removing temptation! I'm going to do a little blog post soon on my new skin care as I'm quite enjoying what I have going on right now