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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bold Lips

Something about having lighter hair just seems to play down bold lips. Take the beautiful Russian Red, there's something so luxuriously retro in the opaque matte finish that I adore. But with my natural dark brown hair it's relegated to the occasional night out, as it just seems too much during the day
Now my hair's lighter Russian red just doesn't seem so 'sexy', and I feel like I can pull it off during the day. Not that I whip it out very often since New Zealand's dress code is pretty relaxed (it always makes an appearance when I head over to Sydney or Auckland though it)
I'm really torn at the moment on what to do with my hair. Although I do like the grown out look it's going to get to the point where I need to decide what to do with it. I'm currently leaning towards going a little lighter ready for the USA - something about having light hair (possibly even blonde) in California just seems right!
 The only complaint I really have with Mac's Russian Red, is that it's a bit of a pain to apply without a lip brush - and I detest needing to use a brush with lipstick. But that's really my only complaint, it's matter so lasts beautifully, and unlike a lot of mattes it feels creamy and doesn't dry out my lips

I'm so glad I went with Russian Red rather than Ruby Woo as I debated for a solid week, going to the mall in Dubai almost every day to try the two out… Having said that I can't rule our Ruby Woo somehow finding it's way into my make up bag at some point!
 Red isn't the only lipstick that I've found myself feeling more confidently wearing since I lightened my hair. Mac's Pink Nouveau is another lipstick I wore only every so often with my darker hair but now it definitely comes out at least once a week!
Pink certainly seems like an easier colour to wear than red but honestly I find this so much harder to pull off than the classic retro red. I do love it for days when I want to keep the rest of my make up super light and simple - a bold lip is just the perfect way to make it look like you've put in some effort!

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Sara Passing said...

I definitely love pink lips more than red :D