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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Candy Cane Bubble Bar

(I’ve got a thing for candy canes at the moment, in case you can’t tell!)
When I saw this in the store I couldn’t resist, firstly it is limited edition like the matryoshka so is only available for a few months a year, it’s a bubble bar (which is always great value for money) and it smells exactly like rockstar soap, which is one of my favourites! Unlikely their bath ballistics Lush’s Bubble Bars last for several baths as you only need to crumble off a corner to fill your bath with creamy bubbles.I was expecting a bright pink bath the comforter delivers but instead you get a milky (extremely pale) pink bath with moisturising bubbles and a lovely notable scent that actually lingers!

Definitely going to be getting another in the Christmas sale as at £2.35 for 2-3 baths is pretty good – definitely one of lush’s best bubble bars! Lush has a Christmas Sale on right now so if you’re thinking of trying some of their products now is the time to do it!! UPDATE: The online Lush sale has ended but you can still get things on offer from their stores :)

P.S I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas(or which ever holiday you celebrate)!!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Candy Cane Nails

Festive nails are a must for me at Christmas time but this year I didn’t want the classics – red, gold, silver etc. So I opted for a candy cane pattern… in pink.
I used Barry M White and Baby Pink and I used a nail art brush set that quite a few bloggers have mentioned recently (there are loads of sellers with these on ebay I bought mine from here)
If your not into having pink girly nails, you can always use a red polish instead of pink or just add a green stripe for a more traditional look.
I used my bottle of Seche Vite for the first time when I did this & I was planning to do a review on it but honestly there isn’t very much to say – it’s AH-MAZ-ING :)
It helps my polish dry incredibly fast, it doesn’t smudge my polish and it stops my colour from chipping for days! I bought mine here for £6.75 including postage which is seriously a great deal as this is normally around £8-9.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Matryoshka Review

Lush's christmas collection is their best to date, as far as I'm concerned, with a mix of their classics such as Snowfairy- a bit of a cult classic and some of their quirky ideas like the 'bearded woman' bath ballistic and their adorable 'gingerbread house'. Their complete holiday collection can be found on their website here.
I picked up one or two bits from their christmas stuff , so expect more festive Lush review in the run up to Christmas!

The matryoshka is technically a gift as you get a whole of goodies in it (but since it doesn't look like a classic christmas gift I think I can justify using this myself..)
Shaped like a russian doll and wrapped in a square of festive fabric, matryark consists of two large, hollow pieces of so white soap(which is anything but white..) which will make your whole room smell lovely, it also lasts forever as these chunks are huge!
Inside the green half you'll find CINDERS bath ballistic, the well know 'crackling' bath bomb!
Cinders was the one christmas item I was most excited about - the idea of the popping candy crackling away just sounded so festive. If anything I was worried the scent wouldn't be to my taste. As it was, I had a ton of popping candy yet none of it snapped, crackled or popped and the scent was the best bit!
It dropped to the bottom of the bath and after a little fizzing just sat there making the water a rather awkward yellow shade and making everything smell sweet.
Even turning the water on again didn't do much- I think I just got a dud one though as so many people love it.

And snuggled inside the other half of the russian doll is SO WHITE
This smelt gorgeous in the store and hasn't disapointed. It's fresh, fragrent and prefect as a little treat in winter. It delivers some creamy bubbles alongside a rich lather but the real selling point for this bath ballistic is the scent!
This is the only lush ballistic that not only made my whole bathroom smell amazing but the scent lingered on my skin for hours afterwards - which earned me a few compliments, and wasn't overpowering.

Overall for £9.95 this is a bit of bargain since you get three goodies; cinders, so white bath balistic and the so white soap. This is lovely, classic bath ballisitic which I think would be perfect for all age groups depite the quirky packaging!
And you also get a 10% off voucher:)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Botanics Sensitive Cleasing Mousse

I bought this when I was staying at a friends when i was in need of a cleanser and the mousse aspect just drew me in. (you can buy it here online)

The first thing i noticed when i used this was the rather strong herbal scent. Sadly I'm not a fan of these 'earthier' smells and so I can't help but be put off using this, however even if herbal scents are your thing I think it's too strong for face wash - no one wants to put something that strongly scented all over their face!

As far as the mousse element which i thought was interesting, I liked how the wash felt very light on the skin even once rubbed in - I think you probably use a bit more product because of the mousse but I don't mind as you get 150ml for £3.99. But I'd call this more of a foam than a mousse as it's a little to light for a mousse

The real downside of this product for me though was how my skin felt afterwards. The scent lingered - which isn't very surprising, but it also dried my skin out making it feel very tight and leaving me feeling like I still had a light layer of product on my skin.

Overall my skin simply didn't feel clean after use and it did feel uncomforable with a scent that seemed to linger for hours. Will i be repurchasing? no. would i recomend? probably not

P.S am I in the only place in the UK without Snow?!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Collection 2000 Glitter Eyeliners

(They're actually called Glam crystals dazzling gel liner but that just seems like a bit of a mouthful)
I’ve been walking past these for months and never took any notice of them, partly down the fact glitter eyeliner isn’t really part of my everyday routine and in part because I’ve tried my fair share of them and most, particularly I must say the cheaper ones, look awful with the glitter being too chunky and sparse.

But after watching Pixiwoo mention them and hearing a few other bloggers mention them I knew I had to try them out (I love a bit of sparkle in winter!)
I picked up three shades Glitz 1(Silver), Funk 3(Gold) and VaVaVoom a gorgeous mix of blue and green with red and gold glitter – not something for the fainthearted. But then glitter liner does take a certain about of bravery to wear to anything but a Christmas party!
The packaging is simple with a short applicator perfect for easy application and all three are jam-packed full of glitter.

I've used these a few times over some plain black liner and on it'd and it looks pretty good both ways but I'm defiantely be sticking with it over some black liner for christmas!
Overall for £2.99 this is a bargain - Boots currently has these for 3 for 2 so it's even better! I can't help but be tempted to go back and try out more colours from their range as they have just about every colour from red through to blue.(the blues and green look incredibly pigmented but I'm not sure I'd ever actually wear them - even at during the festive Christmas party season..)

These are anything but subtle however for christmas these are a perfect way of making your make up festive & are amazing value for the price!