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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lancôme’s Tropiques Minerale

As most of you will probably know I’m getting into my bronzer at the moment, so I’ve been routing through my stash and I cam across Lancôme’s Tropiques Minerale in 01 “ocre doree” & I realised I hadn’t reviewed this little beauty :)
I mentioned this in one of my products I’m loving right now kinda post(quite a while ago though!), and I just want to tell you my thoughts on properly =]

First off there are four different shades, all of which look pretty scary to me, but when applied and buffed in properly I think they’re all very wearable.
There’s no shimmer, glitter, flecks of gold or anything like that but it’s not matte either. When its on my skin the only way I can describe it is natural- prefect for getting a natural ‘glow’.

I’ve used this a few times without foundation and used it on and off for nearly a year with foundation, both with and without foundation it lasts about 4hours and then starts to rapidly disappear. So I’m not really sure I’d call it ‘long lasting’ like its advertised, it lasts a fair amount of time but I need to top it up during the day.

I’m always a little wary of mineral products – I’ve had a few nasty experiences with them breaking my out, but I can safely say this hasn’t broken me out or irritated my skin once : )

hopefully you can see the rosy undertones here – finally something that doesn’t oxidise to an orange blob :p
It is really pricey at £33 (mine was a gift!) especially as you don’t seem to get that but product, however I find a little goes a long way with this, and I’ve barely made a dent in it & I’ve been using it several times a week for about a year now so it really does last!
I probably will repurchase as for days when I want a very muted look – not shimmer or glow, this does a great job of making me sun kissed not orange : )

this is one of those products that grows on you over time – I was never really amazed with it… I just thought it was ok, but it’s one of my go to products :)
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It’s been over a week since I last posted, & those of you who follow me on twitter probably all ready know why but my cat was hit by a car a few days ago.. I’d had him for 6 years and it just left me REALLY not in the mood to blog… But don’t worry I’ll be getting right back into it…


Friday, 20 August 2010

FOTD Lavender

So frustrated right now! My laptop’s completely broken :( AND my cat has run off with my memory stick – no joke!

Lol I left it on my bed and my cat was pottering around my room, next thing I know my pen drive’s gone and the cat is running outside… so yeah, all the picture’s I’ve taken for my blog have gone :(

I’m trying to get sorted and there’s a few review nearly finished which will hopefully be up this week :) but for now here’s a quick FOTD with my new love – lavender toned lippie :D
(I’m not really sure what’s going on with my hair colour here… it either looks blonde or red in photos… very odd.)

Lancôme’s silky matte in 01 mixed with bourjois’ ten hour sleep foundation (I’m mixing all my foundations at the moment!)
Maybelline’s mineral concealer under my eyes
Dandelion blush from benefit (just on my cheeks, I’m too fair to use it as a face powder really)
BodyShop’s warm glow in 02 – it is love! I’m going to write a review on this straight after this… I’m actually tempted to get a back up :)

I kept this super super simple because I still wasn’t sure if the lip colour was too much so..
Maybelline colossal – This has become my go to mascara :)
A little bit of Sleek’s gel liner in dominatrix
Mac’s Brule and a cheapy matte mid brown(the brand name has rubbed off lol)
(sorry about the huge lighting difference, the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind and it kept going really bright then really dark..)
Ok, well I don’t actually have a lavender lipstick just because they always look a little scary, pretty.. but scary. So…
I just put GOSH darling on and then but a very light layer of Maybelline’s midnight plum using a lip brush and wollah – I love it :)

(it’s a good way of using up GOSH darling if your like me and bought it purely for the hype without realising how awful nudes look on you :p)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Travelling Light....

(Lots and Lots of photos… I got a little snap happy :D )

OK, I know I’ve been a bag blogger recently – But to be fair, I have had pretty much no access to a computer for the past few weeks as I’ve been going all over the country visiting family and friends etc. But I have been writing blog posts (I’ve just not been able to post them) so I’ll be taking lots of pictures for the posts and hopefully uploading them soon :)
(It’s from accessorize for £14 – it’s actually a wash bag so it’s really easy to wipe clean if something spills – their new range of travel accessories is so cute!)
Since I’ve been using my travelling as an excuse for letting my blog posts slip I figured I’d make it up to you all by showing you my make up travel bag :)
I’ve been taking Clinique’s super moisture one with me for it’s light but easily buildable coverage – it’s also super easy to apply with your fingers like a tinted moisture while feeling weightless.

Even though I’ve not been wearing this as much as normal it’s still a must have for nights out!

I’m loving this for making me look awake during the day without mascara and for giving me that ‘done up’ look super simply :)
Under eye circles are nearly every girl’s nemisise so concealer for those are an essential (especially when you’ve not had a decent night sleep but you want to look alive lol)

And yes – The Sleek Storm palette :) I’ve gone on about this enough but for any new followers this is the most versatile palette I’ve ever seen :)

The Bodyshop’s warm glow 02
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! It’s a gorgeous simmery, golden toned bronzey pressed powder – I’ll probably do a full rave/review on this :)

A lip & cheek stain – I haven’t used this overly for my cheeks as I’ve been going for the golden glowy look but I love this on my lips as it lasts all day and it lovely and subtle (you can build the colour though if you want more pigmentation)

& Elf’s perfection complexion pressed powder
I’ve been testing out quite a few Elf products recently after I placed a huge haul so be prepared for a lovely big review soon!

As far as brushes go I just takes these with me….

(I’ve been testing out the Elf Brushes but you’ll have to wait for the review to find out what I think :D )
Elf’s Complexion brush
Elf’s Blush Brush
Elf’s Contour Brush
Elf’s Smudge Brush
GOSH’s Flat Eyeshadow Brush

It sounds like a lot of stuff but I took this when I was travelling away from home for a week or two at a time (not just a few days or a weekend) and for a make up addict like myself I think I did pretty good to survive with just these!!

(see? it all fits in!)
P.S I know I've done lots of long posts - There are some more manageable ones coming up - promise!