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Saturday, 15 September 2012

My Make Up Bag

Jack Wills Make Up Bag
Recently I've had a couple of emails asking me about what I carry in my 'every day make up bag' so, here's what you can normally find in my bag. I should quickly mention the make up bag itself  - it's not too big or too small, with a little compartment inside and a small zipped pocket on the front. It was a little pricey as it's Jack Wills and a limited edition print but I got it in the sale so its all good!
Dream Matte Powder - Maybelline
First up is my trusted Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. I'm sure you've already heard about this as it's got a loyal following but in short if you've oily skin this is amazing. I only use this to touch up and oiliness on my nose but it just absorbs oil like crazy! If you ever suffer with oiliness I can't recommend this enough and it's only £7.19 from Boots.
This is another one you're probably fed up of hearing about as there are hundreds of revlon lip butter reviews out there. But this is super pretty and perfect for touching up on the go as you don't really need a mirror and it feels just like a lip balm.
Snow Fairy Lip Tint - Lush
This is lovely. If you get chance to buy it at christmas, it's limited edition, definitely try to pick it up. It smells divine, it adds a beautiful pink tint to your lips and it's not greasy on the lips. What more can you ask for? 
Adding colour to my cheeks isn't something I usually need to worry about (naturally rosy cheeks) but sometimes after a long day my skin is just looking a little dull and I find a quick sweep of this on my apple makes the biggest difference! I'll review this separately as I could ramble on and on about this

Kind of self explanatory really - If I get a blemish during the day I just pop some of this on it and it sorts it out. Simple. I don't carry this with me every day as I like to keep it with the rest of my skin care but it's a frequent visitor to my make up bag :) This is another one I'd recommend as for £2.89 you can't go too far wrong.
Witch Concealer Stick 01 & Mineral Cover Concealer 03 - Maybelline
Last up are the two concealers I cart about with me. The witch concealer is great for concealing spots - especially as it won't make them worse as it's got witch hazel in it. And then my mineral cover concealer I use solely for my under eyes as 03 it quite pink toned so it works amazingly a cancelling out any blue tones :) (There's talk of both being discontinued, which I hope isn't true. But I've seen both in stores so you should be able to find them)

After writing this I feel like I carry loads with me but I do genuinely use everything and it barely takes up any room. Let me know what you carry around with you on a daily basis!

Hope you've enjoyed!! xx

Friday, 7 September 2012

NOTD - Short Nails 1.

Since I've been working in retail my nails have taken a real battering, and doing anything remotely fancy with my nails has seemed like a waste of time when I know I'd be lucky if it lasted a day! But one good thing is I can finally do a few easy nail art designs for short nails. 

I chose to wing out my little dots a bit so they look like little tear drops but if you just did normal dots this look would be just as pretty and probably a lot easier for you to have a go at :) 

Polishes used; Models own Jade Green, Barry M White, Cobolt Blue & Black. 

Hope you've enjoyed!! x