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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Mark Hill Split End Repairing Capsules

I’m not sure why I haven’t done a post of this product before, I’ve been using it for nearly a year now and I can safely say this is one of my ‘HG’ (Holy Grail) hair care items :)
In this little box you get 12 red capsules(they are available in sets of 30) which are designed to ‘repair split-ends and straighten the hair against chemicals or physical damage. Infused with pure extract of Vitamin E and Squalane to protect the hair before and after drying, helping to rejuvenate damaged areas.’ I used to straighten my hair daily and so I’ve tried my fair share of ‘split end repairing’ treatments with most not really doing much and I didn’t have high hopes for this – particularly after reading quite a few negative reviews..
But all you do is twist of the end of the capsule to get a clear gel(I wouldn’t call it an oil like a lot of people have, it’s far too thick) then I rub it between my fingertips and apply it to my ends – do not rinse after application. Again a lot of bloggers have said they felt the need to wash their hair after & honestly I don’t know why, my hair is far from dry yet as long as you rub it evenly through your ends you don’t get and grease or oiliness (similarly if you just use your fingertips and apply all the product on your hands to your hair your hands won’t feel oily)
I don’t use these all the time purely because my hair doesn’t need them, and I think if used daily these might not be as effective but whenever I blow dry my hair I always apply half a capsule to my wet ends and then the other half of the capsule once my hair is dry & I feel it works a lot like a serum on my hair – getting rid of dryness and making my ends look healthy.
Whether these actually ‘repair’ my ends it does –to and extent, I think these do more for the appearance and prevention of split ends but for me, that’s enough reason to repurchase.

My only negatives are the capsule idea itself, they are a bit of a novelty at first but after a while I can’t help but think I’d reach for it more if it was contained in a more standard generic way and the scent isn’t great – it’s not awful or overpowering, I just think it could be improved upon.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

FOTN -Halloween!

Here is my super simple (and pretty generic) Halloween look :)
(before I’d done my hair but you get the idea..)
Mac studio sculpt foundation
Benefit’s boi-ing and erase paste
A tiny bit of benefit’s Hoola & Georgia
Benefit’s hello flawless pressed powder
This was taken at the end of the night so I'm really impressed with how everything lasted :)

Elf’s cream shadow in mocha
Mac’s Brule & carbon (keeping it simple and smokey)
Maxfactor’s false lash effect mascara

The cream shadow I patted with my fingers all over the lid, as a base and then blended carbon in the outer V. To finish off I added Brule around to edges to soften and warm it up- using a light skin toned brown around to edges of a black shadow makes it x10 easier to blend :)

Just the BodyShop’s pencil liner
-I nude lip would work just a well, but I loved the idea of just using a liner for a matte lip –it lasts all night without touch ups too!

Revlon’s long lasting liquid lipstick(love this stuff, it stayed put all night!)
Eyeko’s graffiti eyeliner
UD’s underground
Benefit’s coralista

I’ve got to confess I’m not big on Halloween – so I wanted a look that was quick and cheap(I am after all nothing but a poor student) & I think this turned out pretty well :)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

NOTD - Vintage

Vintage Polish From Eyeko

I bought this little polish in the ASOS mid-season sale after seeing it appear on nearly every blog and channel to see what all the fuss was about and… I LOVE it :)

As far as application goes, it’s a tiny bit streaky & seemed a little watery on the first coat but after the second you get a gorgeous opaque coat. It took a little longer than Revlon and Barry M to dry, much not by much..

But the real clincher for me was the first day I wore it I got 3 lovely compliments on the colour and then today I got loads of people asking what I was wearing. In pictures and online I’ve got to admit I didn’t think it looked THAT special however in person, it really is a very unique colour & is definitely going to be one of my favourites!

-especially because I think you can get away with this quite light shade in fall and winter because of the vintagey undertones :)

-It’s love :D

Monday, 25 October 2010

Newcastle Haul

I went to Newcastle this weekend (I spent most of it in Gateshead though) to see my sister and I surprised myself by only picking up a few little bits…

I went to my first, ever, Mac counter- I’ve bought bits online but never got chance to go to my local counter, anyway, the SA was lovely and matched me up for a foundation which I’m pretty much in love with!

Mac’s studio sculpt in NC15, is pretty much my skin tone in a tube, it looks very natural on the skin too, full review soon!!

And I went to Lush, again I’ve only been to a lush store a few times, but the SA was really helpful and helped me pick out this…

Ultra Bland (not the most inspiring name..) I used it last night and it definitely got every scrap of make up off but I’m going to try it for a few weeks before I make my mind up about it,

This is a really short little post(not to mention a tiny haul) but I’ve got some long review coming up, so make the most of these little posts :)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

ASOS: take III- Sale

-I love how inventive my blog titles are these days...
I just can’t resist a sale and the ASOS sale was a pretty huge one so needless to say I picked up a few bits… even though I’m meant to be saving my money for travelling… :)

When I opened it up I was confronted with this little black ASOS box, I’ve ordered nail polishes from here before and never received a box before – is this standard now?

So anyway I picked up 4 little bargains:
3 of which are polishes…

Models own glitter polish in emerald city and all I can say is this is super pretty! And it was a steal at £3.00

I got my first two eyeko polishes in…

The famous ‘vintage polish’ that I’ve seen on hundreds of blogs & it really is pretty (I’m wearing it now actually!)

& Lilac Polish which looks very pretty – hopefully it’ll be a similar consistency to vintage!
(both were £1.25)

And finally I got eyeko’s graffiti eyeliner for £2.00

I’ve used this twice and I can’t wait to review it!

P.S I was meant to get a Illamsqua eyeshadow too but they were out of stock :(

P.P.S this was meant to be posted last weekend but the internet was down :/

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Lush World Peace

Let me just start off by saying this review by saying this ballistic has definitely made it into my favourite Lush products – ever!

It’s one of the few things I’ve picked up from their retro range(I’ve had some disastrous experiences with their retro stuff!)

The scent is light and subtle which I’m not overly fond of – the scent itself is nice but I personally like my fragrances to be really strong..

I should probably mention that this thing is huge! About 200g. but the main selling point of this little beauty, for me, it the gorgeous colour it turns your water :)

It fizzed for a few minutes – not overly long, but as you can see in the picture below, as soon as you drop it in the water a rich blue fills the whole tub!

The water was almost opaque by the time it had fizzed itself out – it was so fun having water this colour lol

Will I repurchase at £2.80? Definitely :)

PS I took it out half way through the fizzing – the colour was so pretty :)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Raspberry Lips....

Just a quick FOTD (I took this after college so it’s not great, but at least you know what products last the day=])

Benefit’s Stay Don’t stray (I use this as a primer for my lids and then as under eye concealer to stop under eye creasing!)
Clinique’s super moisture make up in 02 –review here
Benefit’s ‘hello flawless’ in shell(Gotta love the name of benefits’ products!)
I barely wore any blush today so most of the flush is natural but I sweeped a tiny bit of sugar bomb from benefit onto my apples…
Hoola Bronzer for contouring

Benefit’s ‘bikini line’ shadow
No7’s slate shadow in the outer v… I wouldn’t really recommend, but I need to use it up so…
Rimmel’s sexy curves mascara.. again, I just need to use it up

Benefit’s silky finish lipstick in ‘raspberry sorbet’ or…‘nice knickers’…

It wasn’t intentional but I think I’m used nearly 100% benefit products… Oh well, I love their stuff :D

-I know I’ve been really bad with posting stuff recently – I’ll get back into it soon, I’ve just had so much stuff going on recently!