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Friday, 14 May 2010

Clinique SuperMoisture Makeup

The lady recommended this for my dry and sensitive skin, it’s super pricey at £20 for 30ml(I think you might be able to get it for £18..) so I was expecting a lot. It's my first clinique foundation so i was really excited about trying it -who hasn't read a rave about a clinique foundation?

I normally have to reach for the lightest shade and hope it’s light enough and with other Clinique foundations I’m a little lighter than 01 but the assistant convinced me 02 Linen was my perfect colour so I rather apprehensively handed over the cash for 02 (I don’t trust store lighting! I swear it makes every colour look great on you until you go outside lol) But she was right! It’s pretty much my exact shade!! There also seems to be a really good colour range for most skin tones.

On the packaging it says – “the look and feel of healthy moisturised skin. Creamy, ultra-smooth texture is surprising refreshing and lightweight. Sheer-to-moderate coverage with continuous hydration – skin looks soft and radiant all day.”

The woman at the Clinique counter told me it was more medium to full coverage personally I agree with the packaging – sheer-to-moderate coverage but it’s definitely buildable!

I know a lot of you aren’t too bothered about how a product smells but it’s a big deal for me :p I don’t want to put something I don’t like the smell of anywhere near my skin (possibly because smelly products nearly always irritate my skin..) but this smells like play-dough or plastic which, you know, isn’t that great and at first really put me off but it’s grown on me a little… It’s not too strong but it’s the first thing I noticed.

It’s a really creamy, thick consistency which I really like! It feels a bit like I’m applying a moisturiser, yet it sinks in and blends super easily. The packaging does mean you end up squeezing a lot out – or maybe it’s just me because I’m so clumsy? Lol

The only problem I have with the packaging (there’s ALWAYS something to be improved on with packaging :p) is it looks kind of cheap… I mean it’s just a squeezy tube and for £20 I want it to look nice!

This is pretty much the only foundation I’ve found that actually makes me skin look moisturised throughout the day! So if you’ve got dry skin I recommend you try it out because nothing keeps my skin moisturised like this is little tube :p

But as always there’s a downside! It glitters on my skin... It’s only really noticeable in bright sunlight (I tried to take a picture... and failed :p) so it’s not that bad, I mean indoors and in pictures you can’t see the glitter..

I’ll let you know if I’ll repurchase after I use this up :p I’m still on the hunt for the perfect foundation to give me the classic ‘dewy’ look but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives :)

(Oh my giveaway will end on the 21st.. hopefully then everyone will get chance to enter :])


Hannahh x said...

Wow- it looks beautiful! :) xx

Jane said...

I've never tried Clinique before. Revlon Photoready has glitter in it too and I don't like that so I just don't wear it on sunny days. great review!

naturalnchicmakeup said...

I used Clinique back in HS and the smell got to me too. It's probably why I moved away from the brand years later.

Sophie said...

Great review! I love clinique, I use their 'even better' foundation and a few other things, I really like it, no awful added fake scent! :)


Sharron said...

Really love the makeup but it smells like rancid nuts. Taking mine back and I have used Clinique forever. This is s new not so pleasant smell I can do without.