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Monday, 31 May 2010

Clinique Long Last Glosswear

I got a mini one of these free with the bonus time little gift set thing but I’m going tot take into account how much a full sized one is in this review :)

It’s described on the site as …

‘A Lip gloss juiced up with 8 hours of lasting shine. Spends every minute comforting lips. In 18 glistening shades from sheer to full intensity. Moisture makes each one even more mouth-watering. Protects lips, too.’

Now, with 18 shades I’m pretty sure you’ll all find SOMETHING you like :P It doesn’t say on mine the colour but I’m pretty sure it’s Cabana Crush.

When I first opened it I noticed three things:
1. no scent – or at least it’s very faint, I can only smell it if I put right under my nose :p
2. There’s alotta pressure in that little tube, you twist the wand and it pushes itself out lol
3. It’s sticky.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but… I DO NOT LIKE STICKY STUFF! Lol so instantly I’m not overly keen of this lipgloss, I went ahead and applied for all of you anyway :p – however the only good side to stickiness is it probably will last the promised 8 hours, I wiped it off after an hour though, it was driving me insane lol

It’s a pretty pink with a little gold shimmer in it -

I just could not capture the shimmer! This is the best of nearly 80 pictures XD

It’s described as ‘sheer’ on the website, and that it definitely is. It probably added a little colour but it was lost on my pigmented lips.

It just gives me that ‘I’ve just licked me lips look’ lol and it’s definitely cheaper to do that :P

They’re £13.50 and I’m not sure I’d pay that for them – just because they’re really sheer, sticky and don’t give super dooper shine :P I know some people like sticky lip glosses though – I’m thinking of one friend in particular! So if you are one of them people, this is defiantly good in the stick department :D

Did everyone enjoy their weekend? Anyone do anything fun for the bank holiday?

This is how i spent mine :p

I should be revising but… blogging is so much more fun :D I’m in the mood for sad songs – no idea why! Anyone got any suggestions? Katy Perry’s Thinking of You makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME! Lol


holly said...

i hate it when lipgloss's are too sticky! fireworks - you me at six is sad but really good ((:,X

liloo said...

:( i don't wanna try it ...
I don't like stiky things neather.
Yes you should have great time... euh I mean revising XD
Take care bee xoxo

alexandra said...

excellent and useful review! glad i've read this :) x

Anonymous said...

I should be too really :P

Pretty old but The River by bruce springsteen always makes me cry or Joni Mitchell !!

LadyBugSays ... said...

Sticky lipgloss and long hair are just a recipe for disaster!!

Hannahh x said...

Very pretty :)
Thanks for the review! :) Xx

SilhouetteScreams said...

Is it like disgusting MAC lipglass/dazzleglass type sticky? D: I dont mind sticky lipglosses, but i can't stand extremely sticky ones.