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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Leopard Print NOTD

 I've been working all summer and consequently my nails are in pretty rubbish condition but I thought while they're still short I'd do a few posts on some super easy nail art that looks good on nails of any length. Leopard print has been done in pretty much every colour combination but this is probably my personal favourite as it's not 'too' bright but it still stands out. 

I used a black nail art pen I was trying out but, honestly, it was more trouble than it was worth. Using a cocktail stick or a nail art brush with some standard black polish works is much easier. Alternatively I know lots of people are using their liquid eyeliner to do designs (I've not tried that yet but I'll do a post on it soon)

Models Own 25 Carot Gold & Beth's Blue & Pink Tease Black Nail Art Pen
  (there are hundreds of better nail art pens- I was just trying this out but the formula is rubbish)

Hope you've enjoyed!! x

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Nails

As well as doing a few Halloween make up looks I thought I’d show you a few really simple Halloween nail art designs so even if you don’t want to go all out with the make up.
These pumpkin nails are probably my favourite as they take a maximum of 10minutes to do and they’re really cute! They also attracted a lot of compliments when I was wearing these. Simply apply an orange base then once it’s dry dot on the face using a plain black polish then to finish use a clear top coat.
Then there’s the classic spiderweb design, everyone seems to do something like this and I’ve already seen lots of tutorials on different spider webs looks but I thought I should include it anyway as again it’s very simple, quick and really effective too. To do this just have a black coat all over your nails then draw in 3-4 diagonal lines coming from one corner of your nail then join them up :)
This is probably the hardest one to do as it’s a little bit fiddly but if you take your time it’s not that hard. Just apply an orange base coat then do a big black dot for the spiders body and slowly draw in the legs. You’ll have to wait for that to dry completely but then you can do two white dots on each spider for the eyes, again wait for it to dry then do two really really tiny little black dots to finish off.
And finally a Halloween nail art post wouldn’t be complete without a really generic spooky nail! Again I used an orange base, then using a dotting tool I put on some bats and then using the dotting tool I just dragged a black polish into the shape of an old weather-beaten tree on one finger :)

There are absolutely tons of designs you can do like this, I actually did another two but for some reason my computer is being a complete pain and not letting me upload them…

Hope thtis has been helpful!! x

P.S the polished I used were: Barry M Tangerine, Barry M White and Barry M Black

Friday, 21 October 2011

Tiger FOTD

I did this Halloween look over a week ago but for some reason I wasn’t quite happy with it so I never got around to posting it but, looking at it again I thought I might as well- hopefully it’ll give someone out there an idea for what to wear to a costume party :)
This one is just as simple as my other Halloween looks but it just takes a little longer to do, all you’ll need is a foundation, a white eyeliner, a contouring powder, an orange and a black eyeshadow, eyeliner and a mascara.
1. Apply your foundation (I opted for matte full coverage)
2. Sharply contour cheekbones & temples
3. Go around the contouring with the orange shadow
4. Draw on lightened areas with a white liner and blend
5. Sketch on stripes, liner and broaden out the nose with an eyeliner
6. Go over the liner with a black shadow to darken & draw on the lip
7. Conceal lower lip, apply mascara and touch up
8. Do your hair and your ready to do!

The more I look at this the more I like it but I’m still not 100% happy with it, what do you think? Have you decided on what you’re going to be this Halloween? I still can’t choose between the Fairy, the Mermaid and the Zombie!

Hope this has been Helpful!! x

Friday, 14 October 2011

Zombie FOTD

Here’s my third Halloween make up look and this is a pretty generic Halloween make up that I suppose could work for nearly any costume – I’m just going to call this a zombie one though :)
This really is a look anyone can do as you need barely any products and its super quick to do!
  1. Apply a pale foundation or white face paint (I used a white foundation with a little gray eyeshadow) and powder your face
  2. Take a black shadow and start heavily contouring your cheek bones, your temples and your under eyes
  3. Place a black eyeshadow all over your lid and slightly blend out to create a dark smokey eye
  4. Take a black eyeliner and draw on the line of your cut, lightly line your lips then lightly do your brows 
  5. apply a red eyeshadow(you can use a lipstick or a lip liner too) to draw on the open wound and around your eyes
  6. And to finish conceal your lips blending in the eyeliner and apply lashings of mascara- Simple!
 I actually did something really simple to this last year and because there’s nothing fancy, it lasted the whole night with only one quick little touch up. Let me know what you’re going to be this Halloween and if you like this little Halloween make up idea posts :)

Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mermaid FOTD

This is my second look for my Halloween Series and I had a mermaid in mind when I did it but a few people have said it could be used for a simple avatar make up look if you alter the colours a little it’d also be great for a water nymph!
I really really love how this turned out as I wasn’t sure it’d work but I’m seriously chuffed. All you need is a foundation, a powder (ideally translucent if you’re going for a pale look but a coloured powder will be fine), some netting (I got mine from a bunch of oranges!), a turquoise eye shadow, a royal blue eye shadow, black eyeliner , a mascara and a lip balm.

1. Apply a pale foundation as a base – I used my normal studio sculpt mixed with some of barry M’s white foundation crème, then lightly powder your skin so it’s easier to blend the blue eye shadow out in the next step
2. Carefully place the netting on one side of your face, then gently start tapping the blue eye shadow over it.
3. Continue this all over your face, just try to make sure the netting is fairly taut and isn’t moving around too much otherwise you won’t get the scaly effect
4. Then take the turquoise shadow and apply this all over your lid and into the ‘scales’ around your face.
5. Use the royal blue shadow to contour your eyes and add some dimension; again blend well
6. Apply your eyeliner, I chose to do an extended wing and take it down the inner corner but thats completely optional.
7. For the lips line with a black eyeliner, then mix some lip balm and a blue shadow together to great a blue tinted lip balm and apply to your lips.
8. To finish just apply lashings of mascara and false lashes if you fancy!
(and just so you can see what it looks like if you decide to keep your hair down)
It sounds a little complicated but I promise it’s not, just take your time and have fun with it!
I’ve got another 4 Halloween posts coming up before the 31st but if you’ve and requests just let me know as I’m sure I can sort out another look :)
Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fairy FOTD

I’m not normally the sort to get that excited about Halloween, don’t get me wrong I’ve always liked it but never been that into it. This year though I’m really in the mood to do some fun Halloween looks and this is the first of them!

I suppose this could be lots of different things, I had a fairy in mind when I did it but a nymph or an elf or some other mythical creature would probably work just as well :)  it took a little longer than I originally expected as I had to go over the lines of the ‘mask’ more than once but it wasn’t difficult (if you’re going to do something similar I’d definitely sketching out a plan before hand!)

I used three eyeshadows, a bright green, a deeper forest green and then a bright baby pink for the cheeks as I didn’t have a blush bright enough. A gel eyeliner and lots of mascara – it’s definitely something you can do on a budget without having to buy lots of colours you’ll never use again.
I also tried pairing this with a nude lip and although I think it’s really pretty, I just can’t pull off nude lips so I’d stick with some sort of definition :)

I’ve already done two other Halloween looks which I’ll post in the next few days as we get closer to Halloween but so far this looks like the favourite for what I’ll actually be doing on Halloween as I seriously love how all the green shadow makes my eyes stand out!

Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x