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Friday, 3 October 2014

Simple and Glossy

I had to go and get some passport/ID photos done the other day, and I thought the make up I threw on was worth sharing as it really is one of those looks you can wear just about anywhere! 
(it's my go-to look for when I need to look really polished without making a statement)
I used Lioele BB Cream, which you might have noticed I've worn in the past few posts, that's not because I love it though, in fact now I've come back to after dabbling with so many other BB Creams and Tinted Moisturisers it actually falls rather flat. But the tube is almost up so I just want to finish it off! Usually I'd substitute it for Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser (as I truly love that stuff)
I decided to keep my eyes matte, something I never, ever do, but I was feeling a little inspired! I just used Mac Brule and Urban Decay Twice Baked over Mac Painterly. Some careful eyeliner and my new mascara finished the look! I usually swipe on some eyeliner in 10 seconds flat but I definitely took my time today making sure they were completely even - to be completely honest the extra time spent fixating on minuscule bumps didn't really make much difference!

A little bit of Hoola so I don't look dead, and then I finished it all off with a generous about of my all time favourite lip gloss - Buxom in Sugar. The slight tingling slightly plumps us your lips, the colour is perfectly natural, and I really think it's the gloss that makes this look something worth putting on here!