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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Honey Bun

I finally got round to using up one of my LUSH bath bombs – I either use them all up straight away or end up saving them for months :p But I finally plucked up the courage to kill the honey bun :)

And mixed opinions about it.

There it is, it’s kind of big, but it’s really messy, the few times I’ve picked this up my hands have been covered loads of crumbly bits.. but I can live with that – Just don’t pick it up until you want it :p This is what the website says about it…

“Share a hot bath with your Honey Bun! Our limited-edition Easter bunny has the delicious toffee-fudge fragrance of our best-selling soap and there's not a drop of honey in sight. Pop one into your basket and hop right into the tub. Every honey loves our baby bunny, especially wabbits.”

So I’m not 100% sure what soap they mean but a lot of people have said it’s meant to smell a lot like honey I washed the kids soap-I just found out, that is the soap they mean!- and it does, to a degree but it’s a lot sweeter.

(Here it is next to my well used honey I washed the kids soap – I always end up repurchasing this! I can’t stop myself!)

Its got a pretty strong scent that did kind of linger in the bath – it lingered more than any of the other bath bombs I’ve tried!

And here are the two clinchers :p when I get a bath bomb I want to be able to watch it fizz, so I want it to fizz kind of slowly and I want the water to be a pretty colour :)

This did neither :/

You know the saying a picture can tell a thousand words? Yeah well I’m going to leave the picture of the bath water to do all the talking when it comes to colour :p

(It looks like green pee XD)

And it fizzled up in about a minute, I only just managed to get an action shot :p

I won’t be repurchasing but at least I can say I tried it :)

P.S yesterday was pay day (woop) so I obviously want to spend it all straight away :p should I place an order from lush or elf or nars or ? lol, whatever I get I’ll review so let me know what sort of review you’d like to see :)


naturalnchicmakeup said...

LOL. It looks like yellow pee. You're so funny. These bath bombs smell good but I still haven't figured out how to use it without wasting the entire thing.

Anonymous said...

I always vote for E.L.F. However, NARS is always a mad little temptress. Hmmm, such a dilemma.

London's-beauty said...

LOOOL what a colour :)i'd love to see more lush reviews. i haven't tried lush before, so let me know which one you think is the best xx

girlinthecity said...

*puts honey I washed the kids soap on her lush list* ...ooooh, I've seen so much good stuff about ELF recently, but Nars, sigh, so pretty!! x


SilhouetteScreams said...

LOL green pee XD I think that would be the reason I would buy it, haha

LadyBugSays ... said...

Hmmm that bath water is a very odd colour! I recommend ELF to anyone and everyone!