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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Yummy Yummy Yummy

This was my first lush shower gel and after hearing mostly good things I was sooo excited! I ordered yummy yummy yummy online, and I know ordering online can be a little iffy – you never know if you’ll like it, but it’s described as –

“a deliciously fragrant strawberry and almond cream for the skin. Helen created it with wonderfully natural ingredients: fresh strawberries, soothing honey and moisturising almond oil, with a drop of rejuvenating olibanum. It's not common shower gel, it's the yummiest strawberries and cream wash ever.”

So me loving all things almond and strawberry I thought this would be sorta thing… and it’s just not that great. I guess it does smell of almonds and strawberries but.. not nice strawberries and almonds or maybe it’s the combination of the two I don’t like.. aside from the smell though there was a major flaw.

It was gummy… (can’t think of a better way of describing it…) it was bumpy and really hard to get to lather up. It also didn’t smell any better in the shower. Luckily for me the smell didn’t linger on my skin afterwards (it didn’t even give me that ‘sqeaky clean’ feeling other lush products do!)

I got it in the 100ml bottle and I could NOT squeeze it! The plastic was super hard!! I had to use both hands to get even the smallest bit out…

Definitely not going to be repurchasing… has anyone else tried this shower gel? Did I get an odd one? On the plus side, it is a pretty colour and looked nice sitting in my bathroom :)

Oh and another little annoying thing is the expiration date was really short! I think it was about 2 or 3 weeks from the time it arrived is this normal when you buy shower gel from lush online? It’s apparently being discontinued too, which I don’t think is a bad thing :p so i recomend sniffing this one before you buy!

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Fern ♥ said...

Mine wasn't gummy at all, tbh mine was quite gloopy. I really like the smell but I could see how it wont be everyones cup of tea! It is abit hard to squeeze out too, I would recommend Snow Fairy ( comes out in winter) it smells of Pear Drops and is really yummy but less gummy and more like a gel. :) xx

missy_ellie_uk said...

I've never tried this one, shame you didn't like it! The consistency does look a bit funny on the photo.

London's-beauty said...

I love the smell of lush products. Thanks for the shout out about this lush product. I won't be buying it if I go in a Lush shop.

London's-beauty said...

ooh btw, when does your giveaway end ^__^ I always get excited when the day gets nearer

Robyn said...

That's a shame, I had Sonic Death Monkey off them once and it was my favourite smell EVER. You'd think you couldn't go wrong with strawberries, so this is a bit upsetting! :(

Anonymous said...

I thought the exact same!! Luckily I only bought the mini version. so Im not wasting too much :)

..R May A.. said...

@Keeley Laura
Oh I'm glad I'm not the only that didn't like it! I only got it in the 100ml so i didn't feel too bad- i gave it to a friend in the end and she loved it... :p