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Friday, 20 August 2010

FOTD Lavender

So frustrated right now! My laptop’s completely broken :( AND my cat has run off with my memory stick – no joke!

Lol I left it on my bed and my cat was pottering around my room, next thing I know my pen drive’s gone and the cat is running outside… so yeah, all the picture’s I’ve taken for my blog have gone :(

I’m trying to get sorted and there’s a few review nearly finished which will hopefully be up this week :) but for now here’s a quick FOTD with my new love – lavender toned lippie :D
(I’m not really sure what’s going on with my hair colour here… it either looks blonde or red in photos… very odd.)

Lancôme’s silky matte in 01 mixed with bourjois’ ten hour sleep foundation (I’m mixing all my foundations at the moment!)
Maybelline’s mineral concealer under my eyes
Dandelion blush from benefit (just on my cheeks, I’m too fair to use it as a face powder really)
BodyShop’s warm glow in 02 – it is love! I’m going to write a review on this straight after this… I’m actually tempted to get a back up :)

I kept this super super simple because I still wasn’t sure if the lip colour was too much so..
Maybelline colossal – This has become my go to mascara :)
A little bit of Sleek’s gel liner in dominatrix
Mac’s Brule and a cheapy matte mid brown(the brand name has rubbed off lol)
(sorry about the huge lighting difference, the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind and it kept going really bright then really dark..)
Ok, well I don’t actually have a lavender lipstick just because they always look a little scary, pretty.. but scary. So…
I just put GOSH darling on and then but a very light layer of Maybelline’s midnight plum using a lip brush and wollah – I love it :)

(it’s a good way of using up GOSH darling if your like me and bought it purely for the hype without realising how awful nudes look on you :p)


Alexa P. said...

Oooh very pretty! I've also been experimenting with mix and match lip colors! Coming up with your own unique combinations is always more gratifying and fun! Plus you get more use out of your existing lip product stash! ♥

Christina Marie said...

Ooh i like! You're so lucky you can get away with such minimal eye makeup. I look awful if i barley have any on! x

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty, I think you have the cutest dolly-like face! x

julianne. said...

your face looks flawless.
i love the lip.<3

London's-beauty said...

Loving your look. :) And I agree with julianne, your face looks so flawless!

Closet Fashionista said...

Oh no! Bad kitty! :(
I love all the makeup!! i should really start practicing with it more, haha

nana said...

You should totally check out BarryM's 129. Its a fab lavender tone lipstick :-) would look great on you! and i love your hair :-)
thanks for the lovely comment on my blog hun!

Jonna said...

You look so pretty! x

Anonymous said...

You have such a great skin

Erica said...

Love this look! Very pretty.

Claire said...

i love the color! so pretty.

xoxo :)

Anonymous said...

looking cute girl! :D

I know what you mean! if it could only be summer all the time.

please check out my Demi Lovato post!


johanna said...

love the post!

ching said...

very pretty.
and i hope your laptop gets the fixing it needs. :D


3ate4 said...

Looks lovely, especially the lips :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

Love your simple eye makeup and your lip shade :)
Btw, i've just done the makeup bag tag, so sorry for taking so long to do it!

Jesa said...

love the way the lip color turned out! very pretty!

Charly said...

Love the lip colour, looks much more wearble than some of the scary bright ones in stores! And aw at the cat story, my cat is just like this with jewellary drives me insane!




That lip colour is perfect... definately off to buy both these lip products as I love it that much!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Emma said...

looking lovely :), btw i changed my blog spot to emma0m.blogspot.com just in case you fancied still following it! xxx

Emma said...

looking lovely :), btw i changed my blog spot to emma0m.blogspot.com just in case you fancied still following it! xxx