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Monday, 2 June 2014

Beauty Confession

You know those things that are repeated so often, by your grandmother,  or by a youtuber, anevery girly magazine out there, that they become beauty 'rules'? Well I thought I'd share a couple of the rules I oh so guilty of breaking… repeatedly! I think everyone has a couple of things they know they should/shouldn't do but do anyway, so I thought I'd start the ball rolling

Curling my Eyelashes
I just never do it. My lashes are naturally pretty straight, and as soon as I add some mascara they drop and curling simply doesn't make a difference. Even when using waterproof mascara and fastidiously curling my lashes before hand they last perhaps half an hour before they are as straight as before!

I can't see the point in doing extra damage to my lashes by curling them when it does very little. Although perhaps more sinfully I have curled my lashes after applying mascara -  it's happened only in times of desperation and even then the curl only lasts an hour or so. Someone needs to invent something to keep lashes properly curled all day

Washing Brushes
Don't get me wrong, I certainly do wash ym brushes, just not as often as I should. I know that regularly washing they keeps bacteria at bay and so improves your skin. Clean brushes also apply your make up so much better. But honestly I'm just too lazy to do it as often as I should. It always seems like such an effort to wash them, particularly was once I wash one I feel like I might as well wash them all and then I'm at the sink for ages. And don't even get me started on them taking an age to dry! I have count of the amount of times I've had no brushes to do my make up in the morning because they haven't fully dried over night…

Dry Shampoo
OK, so I know this isn't technically breaking a beauty rule since dry shampoo was made for those days you don't want to wash your hair. But I am definitely guilty of pushing it - sometimes washing my hair just feels like an effort, particularly if I'm not doing anything important the next day. I usually resort to libellously spraying dry shampoo when I have a big event the day after tomorrow, as I obviously don't want to wash my hair tonight and then the next too - I try and wash my hair no more than every other day. I'm certainly guilty of overdoing the dry shampoo though, and this is one bad habit I don't see ending any time soon since I'm getting a slight addiction to all the different types of dry shampoo out there

Toner as Make up Remover
This is one I don't hear a lot of people talking about but I'm sure I'm not the only one… I'm generally pretty good at always taking my make up off before bed, but sometimes the whole nightly routine think seems like too much - usually after a couple of cocktails! And make up wipes just don't cut it for me if I have layered on the make up. But, toner on a cotton pad cuts through make up like nothing else, and it actually leaves my skin feeling pretty clean!

I'm glad to say this isn't a bad habit I've done in quite a while now, I think that's mainly due to attempting to streamline my skin care so I don't actually have a toner with me right now. Removing temptation! I'm going to do a little blog post soon on my new skin care as I'm quite enjoying what I have going on right now

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