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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Asian Treats

I keep forgetting to write this post, I've had the pictures taken for weeks and had it on my to-do list for longer than I'm willing to admit. For some reason I always find myself distracted when I come to write this but I absolutely have to share these treats with you!
I picked them up when I was in Singapore, and I'm already contemplating how to get my hands on more when I run out. 
Cure's natural aqua gel is basically a chemical exfoliate, but it works 10x better than any others I've tried. I'll confess I'm a little bit it of a scaredy cat when it comes to these sorts of exfoliants, so I've only really dabbled in them, but this has me utterly looked - forget mircroexfoliants and all those silly beads - this is definitely the way forward!

You apply it onto dry skin (which I'll admit is a trifle annoying since I just want to be able to use it in the shower), then massage it over your skin. Almost instantly you'll start to feel little 'balls' build up which is basically the dead skin cells that are just sitting on your face.

I was awfully sceptical about this when I first read about it, assuming the 'balls' were just the product and that it was just some marketing gimeck. But it actually is your dead skin. I only really know this because if I use it too frequently I just don't get the little 'balls' as there's less dead skin cells. It all sounds a little 'yucky' but it's so easy, and stops your skin looking dull completely effortlessly.

I will most definitely be attempting to repurchase this as it's worth every penny - the only problem is trying to track it down! I'm not worrying about that too much though since I only use it once a week and it's lasting really well, so fingers crossed when I do run out it'll be easily available!
I actually bought 3 of these masks while in Singapore, I just couldn't wait to use them though so you only get a photo of one - the snail one is better than the snake one anyway. I figured I couldn't leave Singapore without trying some sheet masks - as they seem to be every beauty blogger's favourite asian product, these were the time sheet masks I tried and Oh My Gosh - they truly work so much better at 'brightening' and rejuvenating than any other mask I've tried. Sure there's a plethora of whitening and lightening masks you need to try and avoid (unless you want lighter skin of course) but in between all of those bleaching masks there are some absolute gems!

I can't quite tell whether this particular brand actually use snail mucus and snake venom, I've tried by best to search around online but the language barrier is proving pretty impenetrable. Hopefully they don't as the snail mask truly works wonders. I tried when I was in Brisbane as my skin was definitely not happy with me putting it through 4 long haul, 12+ hour flights in 1 month, and it made my skin look truly incredible. I just carefully draped it over my face, read a book, fell asleep reading (oops) and woke up to a slightly wet pillow and amazing skin!

I'm not recommending to fall asleep with one on, but they it really does work nothing short of a miracle on tired skin!

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