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Monday, 16 June 2014

Colder Weather

While all you lucky people in the northern hemisphere are embracing the warmer weather, winter is steady creeping in down under. So I'm doing the only logical thing, and piling on the layers - clothes and make up! I just use the changing seasons as an excuse to mix up my make up
I've loved experimenting with Collection's Lasting Perfection Foundation, it reminds me a lot of revlon colorstay as it dries pretty quickly leaving a relatively matte finish but with 100% better packaging, a thicker consistency and minus the smell.
 L'Oreal Brow Artist, Mac Woodwinked Eyeshadow, Bobbi Brown Eyeliner, Benefit They're Real, Benefit Hoola, Collection Concealer, Mac Painterly Paint Pot, Mac Craving Lipstick
The packaging is great - it's literally all you can ask for a foundation container, glass bottle, simple design, and a pump! I don't ask for much in my foundation packaging - looking at you Mac and Nars and every other brand that still sells plastic bottles bottles without pumps!
As far as shades go, it's a little hard. There's only a handful of shades, and they all look the exact same in the frosted glass bottles. The names are also a bit misleading. Mine is 'cool beige' but I'm not entirely sure what's meant be 'cool' since it's definitely got a warm undertone… Anyway I just picked up the number that corresponded to the concealer shade that suits me and I got a pretty good match

I should also say it definitely oxidises a fair bit once it's fully dried, for my shade that works quite well, however it's something you should be aware of when trying to find your shade in store.
 I'm still clinging to the idea of summer and resisting swapping my bronzer for blush - although I have toned down the amount of shimmery bronzers - sadly. I adore Mac Craving Lipstick - although I'm probably going to feature this in another post as I can't wait to ramble about it

Along the theme of transitioning to winter - I always know when winter has come when my breakfasts turn warm. I just can't stand starting the day with something cold when it's freezing outside. My absolute favourite at the moment is this delicious, filling and oh so easy Apple Cinnamon Oats.
It's just some oats, popped into the microwave with water for a few minutes and some yummy slightly cooked apples! I just chop up half an apple, liberally sprinkled it with cinnamon, add a splash of water and cook. I've cooked the apples in the microwave (when I was in a crazy rush) and also in the oven, honestly they taste about the same but using the microwave means less washing up! Oh and I also throw in some extra cinnamon into the oats, but that's just because I love cinnamon

Let me know if you like these posts with a jumble of things in them, I personally love reading longer posts with lots of different elements!

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Lisa Bollins said...

I'm glad to see you're blogging again! That lipstick really suits you xx