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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Weekly Update!

I've had the most amazing week, it's been jam packed but oh so worth it. The downside is i've just been so busy blogging has kind of slipped my mind. I've taken the odd photo and I've even jotted down some notes of posts I want to do, but actually putting together a blog post just hasn't quite happened!
It was my birthday, so lots of cards, presents, birthday cakes and margaritas ensued! It was a little strange celebrating it in a different continent without my old friends and family around. But it was so much fun - and the best excuse to wear all my favourite make up
There was also a leaving party since myself and so many of my lovely friends are all departing New Zealand in the next week or so. And it was 007 James Bond themed! It was the perfect excuse for us to all get completely dolled up and spend hours and hours doing each other make up and hair (I definitely didn't spend over 4 hours drinking wine and applying lipgloss…) Oh and the meal itself was yummy
Love all of these amazing people!
This is a pretty short round up, but I ended the week by reading the Fault in our Stars in a day before going to see it in the cinema with some friends. I definitely had a couple of tears reading the book, and the movie might have tipped me over the edge with the waterworks! The evening was finished then my going to a local night market and gorging ourselves with churros and delicious thai food.

The rest of the week has mainly been spent in meetings and the library - deadlines are fast approaching and I'm starting to panic over how much I have to do and just how little time I actually have left!

This is a super random, and possibly boring, post, but I promise I'll get back onto it soon. 

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