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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sleek I-Divine Storm

Now I’ve FINALLY finished for the summer I can start getting up to date with my blog, there’s been a huge last minute push from all my teachers this last week so I’ve been up to my neck in deadlines :(

I’ve actually been meaning to do this post for AGES, I just never got round to putting all the images together…..

So, I’m pretty much in love with the sleek i-divine palettes – I only have the storm one at the moment, but don’t be surprised to see the other two appear in future hauls! I think the storm palette is probably the most wearable palette and it probably my most loved and well used palette I own purely because pigmentation, colour range and staying power are pretty amazing for the money. At only £5.99(I think it varies a little from place to place) you can’t go wrong!

I know I mention this palette a fair bit and one or two of you actually mentioned me maybe reviewing this or showing some looks I do on a daily basis using just this palette :) I opted for the different looks because a review would just turn into a huge rave :p

So here are some of the looks I do a lot –

I call this my cranberry look :) It’s a bit richer in colour in person

I’m no good at giving things names so I’m just calling this my blue eye make up

Obviously you can do a smokey eye -I normally do it much darker however I was wearing this to college and I didn’t think I’d be able to get away with a full on smoky eye :p

I don’t know why this looks so bright… It’s actually much more muted, a kind of sage green that looks gorgeous with brown eyes – I use these colours quite a lot :)

Then you can always do a really simple tawny, natural look – well, neutral compared to the others!

This is by no means the only combinations you can do! All the colours blend together really well, that’s one reason I love it – it’s got all the colours you need for near enough every wearable look

As far as mascara goes I thought I might as well stick with the Sleek theme and I swiped on some of their eye drama mascara – I’ll review this properly soon but I like it.(I forgot to take a picture of it :/)

P.S the shadows are mineral and I know some people don’t like mineral make up, but I’ve found them really easy to work with & I’ve dropped the palette a few times and the only bit that’s crumbled in the maite black!


Anonymous said...

i have this palette and i absolutely ADORE it! its one of my go to palettes and i love this post :) i have brown eyes too and i cant wait to try out the green look

thanks for commenting btw! <33

*Daisy Loves.. said...

Im envious of your eyeshadow looks - mine never turn out like this! Nice post :)

Daisy x

Mari said...

I have wanted this palette for so long! Only it's always sold out in my Superdrug :(


johanna said...


Kendr▲ said...

Love the photos
cool post, you have an awesome blog!

Hope you can check out mine :)

Fum said...

I have the same palette - love the quality of the shadows. The looks you created with this palette are really nice.

Charly said...

ooh love this, i've never tried sleek make up, and at £5.99 I have noo idea why not?! Hehe thanks for the make up looks, where did you buy yours from?



Ruby said...

I love eyeshadows
Im just no good at
putting them on :) xxx
Thanks For commenting on


Anonymous said...

I always want 2 try this palettes
is the shadows long lasting ?

..R May A.. said...

@Charly - I just got mine from superdrug, you can buy them online as well though x

@M!Ss NoNa - Really long lasting, although i always use a base like Urban Decay's eye primer potion or benefit's stay don't stray. I think without a base they'd crease like mad because they're mineral shadows x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment.

I have this palette too and took it on holiday with me and never stopped using it. I love the different looks you created with it.

kirstyb said...

loving the colours xxxx

Kaitlyn said...

I have been wanting to try out this palette for awhile...but saidly i live in the states and i havent been able to find it online anywhere...it looks amazing!

I love your blog :]
and thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love the green look!


Nat Elizabeth said...

I don't tend to use eye shadow!
Might have to buy one of these pallettes and take your example, for a try at least! ♥

Indie.Tea said...

The palettes look beautiful. And you are SO much better at eyeshadow than me...it would take me forever to do all of those looks!

Caitlin said...

This looks amazing , and I love how the shadows look on you! I have the graphite one that I won in a giveaway awhile back and I like it quite a lot :)

Rebecca said...

Those shades are so pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Ahah I love how you put "this this this and this" it's so cute! And these are all really great looks, yet another reason for me to ship myself to the UK immediately and go makeup shopping! x

Erica Leigh said...

such a versatile palette, and all the colors look gorgeous! you do your eye makeup really well. thanks for the inspiration--i'm going to play around with my own eye shadows more.

simplebeauty said...

these looks are so beautiful, i have to admitt ive never even seen this pallet before -- im definetly going to try it!
do you have any other primers that you would recommend that are a little less expensive? xx