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Friday, 26 September 2014

Non Beauty Favourites

I'm certainly not going to commit to these regular weekly favourite posts (because I know I'll fail) but I do love doing these random weekly(ish) updates.

The Thought Catalog
I've been seeing random articles from here popping up on my Facebook for months now but I only actually checked it out this week and I'm a little addicted to checking it when I'm bored. There's almost always something interesting to read and there really is a little bit of everything. It's a website full of articles written by.. well written by anyone on just about anything.
Photos from a different perspective
I saw this linked on Carly's blog and I actually really enjoyed browsing the photos. Some I'd seen before but there were a few I hadn't and I really enjoyed looking through them!
The White Queen
OK, so I am way behind on this. But I got the series on DVD last Christmas and I'm only now getting round to watching it and I'm totally hooked! Despite it being a TV Show it has the feel of a film and I'm totally loving it (may have watched 7hours worth in one day….)
Writing Thank you Cards
I must be getting old, but I used to hate it when my mum made me write my thank you notes after birthdays. But this weekend when I wrote out my cards I actually found really therapeutic and actually quite humbling, just how many people I had surrounding me that I wanted to thank. #grateful

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