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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Worth it? Deep Comfort

I love body moisturisers, specifically body butters. I swear I hoard them like an addict. And in keeping with the whole streamlining and simplifying things I decided to start trying to use some of them up.
Clinique Body Butter is the first body moisturiser I'd say I 'splurged' on, it's no where near as expensive as some higher end brands, but compared to my bog-standard Bodyshop Body Butters it's quite a step up at around £25! So I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on whether it was worth the extra.

It's got a light fragrance and a gorgeous creamy texture. It's not as heavy so other body butters I've used, and yet it definitely takes its time to sink in. I feel like it perfectly walks the line between begin an intensely rich moisturiser without leaving an film on your skin.

I have to say there is certainly a difference, but what surprised me most was the packaging. I know packaging shouldn't really matter as it's the product that counts… but when I'm paying this much for a moisturiser I expect some nice packaging, and the tub just felt cheap.

Overall there is definitely a difference in general texture and feel of the product itself. But just not enough to justify such a price difference for me. If you're wanting to treat yourself - go for it, but there are definitely better things you can splurge on to pamper yourself!
I just couldn't do this post without throwing in my buffing brush. There are all sorts of different types but the natural ones are much better than the plastic (apparently). I've had mine years and it's still going strong so I definitely recommend investing in a good one as they are little miracle workers!

This little abrasive brush, used every morning (or just whenever you remember if you're like me) honestly makes the biggest difference. My skin truly is noticeable smoother once I use it. And If I know I'm going to be showing some skin (e.g. before holiday or once the weather gets warmer) I always ensure it's in my routine. If you don't have one of these I highly recommend you run out and get one!

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