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Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Blush Tag

How many blushes do you own?
Now I've done my clear out, 9. But I'm not even going to hazard a guess at how many I had last week!
Favourite blush brush?
This is difficult since I switch out by brush all the time depending the blush and what look I'm going for… My most used it probably the Real Techniques Blush Brush for its versatility 

Peach vs Pink and favourites of each
The distinction between the two is hazy at best… is it cheating if I say 'peachy-pinks' over peaches or pinks? If I absolutely had to pick one it'd be peach since that's what I reach for more regularly 
Favourite Pink - Mac Two Virtues
Favourite Peach -  Sleek Rose Gold. It's not 'technically' a peach, but when it's on it definitely leans towards a peachy-coral

Drugstore vs High End and Favourites of each
Although price doesn't necessarily entail quality and there are really some amazing drugstore blushes out there, when i think of what I want to buy in the future it's a lost exclusively high end blushes - there's just something lovely about applying a blush in luxurious packaging in the morning… I'm aware buying a blush for the packaging is ridiculous but the heart wants what the heart wants!
High End - Nars. weirdly I don't actually have any right now since those I love I've used up
Drugstore - Sleek. Packaging and product are great value for money

Cream vs Powder
Something about cream blushes just suck me in, the idea of a lovely soft texture creating the perfect finish on the skin is addictive. But in reality they're just a bit of a faff to apply. So despite loving my cream blushes I'm definitely a powder blush girl at heart!
Most Overrated?
Nars Orgasm. 
Don't kill me, I know it's a cult classic… But I just don't get it. I ordered it, I waited with baited breath until it arrived, and then… it was just a bog standard blush. I mean it was pretty, it looked nice on, but it didn't do anything crazy. I gave it to my friend in the end as I just never reached for it.

Most Underrated?
The Balm blushes. 
I've only got the bahama mama and hot mama right now but I'm in love with the sleek, but cute packaging (pay attention benefit) and their buttery texture. I've certainly got my eye on a few others. 

Worth the Hype?
Mac Ladyblush
It really is quite unremarkable in the pan. But when it's on, its just so flattering. 
It's not been talked about quite so much recently, but when first bought it was definitely the product

Top 5 Blushes everyone should own
Blushes are so personal to your skin tone that this is really hard, but I have a few thoughts on it
1. A good 'basic'- one you throw on know it'll work with any look. For me, that's Mac Ladyblush 
2. I know shimmery blushes are a controversial one but when you're in a rush and your skin is looking drab a quick sweep of Sleek Rose Gold or Mac Stereo Rose just works wonders. 
3. A cool toned pink. I could talk for hours on why this is a necessity. Mac Two Virtues
4. Something to warm up your skin without resorting to bronzer. Topshop Head over Heels
5. The Blush/Bronzer mix. Lancome Oche Doree, is a light, warm bronzer when I'm pale and the perfect way to stop bronzers looking too muddy when tanned. 

This tag has been quite weird to do now my blush collection is so much smaller but it was really fun - I can't quite believe how much I just wrote about blushes though!

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