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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Lip Product Tag

I've seen a few of these on various blogs and youtube, are there seem to be a ton of different questions with everyone sporting their own list! So I've done a bit of a combination of a few different lists.
1. Favourite balm or treatment?
I'm very low maintenance when it comes to lip care, which is bad. But I hate feeling like I have stuff on my lips so treatments are out the window since I only do a lip scrubs once in a blue moon. I'm going to be boring and go for my EOS Lip balm. 

2. Favourite eye catching Red/Bright
This has got to me Mac Russian Red. It's a lovely matte red that's just deep enough to make it easy for me to wear.

3. Favourite Pink Lipstick
This is strange, but I rarely wear pink lipstick. I just haven't found one that really suits me. The only 'pink' lipstick that I've kept in my clear out is Mac Viva Glam Gaga as I do like to keep a pink on hand 

4. Favourite Nude Lipstick
I am not a nude lipstick person. Oh I've dabbled with them, bought more than I can count but I've never worn one more than once or twice before dismissing it. Nudes just do not suit me.

5. Luxury or Drugstore?
Buying a luxury lipstick just makes me feel pressured - if you get a bad shade then you've shelled out all that money for something you'll never use (speaking from experience here with YSL 24..) So Drugstore all the way… although that depends where we're putting mac as I always think of mac as somewhere in between
6. Best Mac Lipstick
I do love my mac lipsticks so picking one is just hard!

7. Favourite Gloss
This is another easy one. I'm really not a lipgloss person, I just never wear them reaching for lipsticks over a gloss any day. But I recently bought a Buxom gloss in Sugar and I'm hooked. It tingles when applied which I usually hate but for some reason it stops it feeling so heavy - heavy gloopy, sticky glosses are my idea of a nightmare.

8. Favourite Spring/Summer shade
Honestly, once the weather warms up it's tinted lip balms all the way. And if I'm being honest the one I reach for most is vaseline rosy lips. Boring I know, but you just can't beat that slight wash of colour 

9. Favourite Autmn/Winter shade
Benefit Do Tell. This was another one I only had to contemplate for a moment or two as do tell instantly sprung to mind. It's the perfect winter colour for me adding some drama to your look while staying creamy despite frigid temperatures.

10. Lip Liner: yes or no?
i want to say yes, but i never, ever use one. I'm actually guilty of 

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