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Friday, 11 November 2011

A Great Kisser

Gotta love Soap and Glory's product names..

I don't like lip balms, generally speaking. So I really don't know what made me buy a £5 lip balm when there was no tester. I do agree with Soap and Glory about their testers getting ugly after they've been used but not really having any idea of the formula or the colour is pretty rubbish. 

Anyway, the tester issue aside, I bought this blind and you know what? I love it.
It's not too heavy on the lips, it smells divine, it tastes quite nice, it adds a pretty sheen that isn't too glossy, it's not sticky or greasy. The one downside, there's always one, is the lack of colour pay off, perhaps it's because it's such a light colour but it goes on pretty much completely sheer. Honestly though the formula and smell more than makes up for lack of pigmentation. 

Overall, it's a glorified lip balm and it's not really worth £5. That doesn't mean I regret buying, not for a second - I'd repurchase for the smell alone (even though it doesn't linger very long) and even though it doesn't hugely moisturise my lips it's the only lip balm I've ever tried that I do actually find myself reaching for day after day. Did I mention it smells divine?!

Hope this has been helpful!! x

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