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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Runway Pink

I don’t usually do reviews on just one lipstick but I think this one deserves a special mention as at only £3.50 it’s already one of my favourites and I’ve not even had it a full week yet!
Runway Pink is from the mineral line at E.LF meaning it’s a bit more expensive than their normal £1.50 price tag but you get a sleek matte black case and a gorgeous product!

This isn’t a colour I would usually go for (I tend to stick to mauves and colours resembling my natural lip colour – in other words I play it very safe) but Sara from SWalkerMakeUp recently mentioned it on her 11 most used tag and I’m always swayed to try products whenthey have been highly recomended!

I was making an elf order anyway (they had free shipping) and I popped this little beauty into my basket (still not expecting anything amazing) but when it arrived I understand why it’s so popular!
It’s a creamy, almost matte finish which instantly makes it more wearable as it’s not an in-your-face pink with lots of gloss. I wasn’t sure it’d work with my pale skin (although I have been fake tanning a bit this past month) but it looks gorgeous and I’ve already found myself reaching for it most mornings!

This is definitely going to be one of those products I repeatedly repurchase and I’d recommend trying this out or if a creamy neutral pink isn’t for you (I think this would suit everyone though) check out their other mineral lipsticks as I’ve heard good things about all of them!

Hope you’ve enjoyed!! x

P.S I've finally finished my exams!!


Gawgus things... said...

I hear so much about ELF I really must try and purchase something! Their prices are incredible and this lippie is a lovely colour xxx

Mimi said...

the color and the texture look great! and for that price, it's definitely a winner! :D

<3, Mimi

Mimi said...

oh, and yay for finishing your exams! :D

<3, Mimi

Shop N' Chomp said...

So pretty!

Marie said...

Yay for finishing your exams!:D

I like this shade on you, I think this is a good shade for girls with fair skin.:D & the price is just great for the quality you get.:D

***** Marie *****

Holly said...

I can't believe I still haven't tried anything from ELF :O, this looks lovely!xx

Gemx said...

Very pretty colour! It suits your skin colour :) I've not tried elf lipsticks, but I love a lot of their other products. I will have to try out a lipstick in my next order! x

SilhouetteScreams said...

Ahhh this is so pretty, it's just my type of nude-without-being-concealer-lips type colour :)

Vicky said...

I've recently tried ELF, did a massive haul on it myself, some things are awful but others are amazing and such a bargain. i might try this lippy, i'm also sceptical about lipsticks as i like to play it safe but this looks gorgeous and for £1.50 you can't go wrong! i'm now following :)

MM said...

Great color and texture!!

Have a beautiful week, sweetie!!


Radiant.MakeUp said...

@MM and Vicky you definately going go wrong with this one, and the have 50% of everything at the moment!

@Silhouettescreams that's pretty much the perfect description - I always feel like I can't pull off nudes but this is so easy to wear :)

Thanks for commenting!! x

Pop Champagne said...

I like the color, it's got that coral tinge to it which I'm a big fan of right now!

Melminho said...

Great color!

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a lovely pink! Congrats on finishing your exams! =D

Mara said...

This color Is amazing!!!

Beautyshades said...

hehehe. I have a post with a swatch of this lipstick as well coming soon. Is one of my favourites but on me it look a bit darker because of my lips pigmentation.

G A B Y said...

It looks soooo pretty!

Roxanne said...

I should have ordered this one instead of the nude one, it doesn't suit me at all. but they are super moisturizing and very pigmented.

Radiant.MakeUp said...

@Roxanne let me know if you like it or not!

@ShopN'CHomp and Mara glad you like, this really is a gorgeous colour with a great formula :)

Thanks for commenting!! x