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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Touch of Winter Colour

It's officially winter down under but I'm attempting to bury my head in the sand about the cold mornings as I only have a month left down here before I hit the sunny West Coast of the USA!
Although I still have a while left in the gloomy weather my mind is well and truly in summer mode, and that's definitely reflected in my refusal to commit to my winter staples.
I'm persisting with my tinted moisturiser and light shimmer colours. Today I decided to whip out revlon tutti fruiti lip butter for just a touch of colour as this never fails to 'lift' my face as it's just such a warm colour!
Eyes were light, shimmery and probably look the same as a hundred other photos as it's really my 'go-to' look. Urban Decay Sin in the middle and a couple of the lighter shades from ChiChi Glamourous Nudes Palette - which I've used a lot more than I thought!
I should mention, I've been trying out Laura Mercier's Primer as I've heard lots of good things, but I after a month of trailing with different products I'm not 100% sure it's breaking me out. And not just little breakouts, oh no. Every. Single. Time I use this I get a massive 'under the skin' spot (sorry for TMI) which for me is just crazy! 
I'm not sure why as the ingredients all sound quite promising, but something in it just makes me skin go crazy! I'm also not convinced it really made a difference in making my make up last longer either

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