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Friday, 12 August 2011

147 Peachy Pink

I want to start off this review by saying this lipstick was one of the hardest colours I’ve had to photograph! In some photos it looked very orange, in others very peach or pink or coral, and I think that’s because this is perfect mix of all of them!
I only got this a few days ago after Vivianna mentioned it reminded her of Topshop Head over heels blush (which I have fallen head over heels in love with) so naturally I went on the hunt for it and I luckily got the last one in my boots.
(they aren’t identical but they are definitely in the same colour family)
This definitely stands out in my lipstick collection, and I think it’d stand out in most as it’s quite a unique colour, think of the prettiest peach, mix it with a little bit of pink, some coral and a little bit of orange and you’d end up with something like this – love it!
It’s a matte formula which I think is perfect for such a bright colour as it allows it to be easily wearable for during the day, I know that for me, with a gloss this would be a bit too bright to comfortably wear.

The other bonus of it being matte is it lasts a good 3 hours on me, although the wear time obviously depends on how lipstick wears for you. But matte finishes in general do last much longer as they’re less likely to just slip off!
The only negative to matte lips for me, is they can be a little drying so make sure you apply lots of lip balm before you put this on.

I’ve recently been loving wearing slightly brighter and bolder lip colours, I think it’s because you can get away with anything if the sun’s shining!
Have any of you got any favourite bright shades?

Hope this has been helpful!! x

P.S hopefully you can see how different this colour looks in all these shots, in real life it's a bit of a mixture of all these


Roxanne said...

I really like this color and it looks perfect on you. Im dying to try Barry M products, specially the pigments and nail polishes.

ps: there are two awards waiting for you!

Fern said...

i love this lipstick, want the topshop blush now! xo

G A B Y said...

What a great match for the Topshop blush! Great find!

Lina Kim ♥ said...

I love the coralish undertone on the swacthes. so cute XD

Can I invite you to join my GIVEAWAY-Korean BB creams , thank you ^^

Oreleona said...

wow its such a pretty color!!

Michaela said...

Awesome color!!

xx Michaela

Radiant Make Up said...

@Roxanne I'd defiantely recomend the barry m lip paints and polishes although the formula of both does vary alot!

@Gaby they really do make a gorgeous combo when worn together :)

Thanks for commmenting!! x

Manon said...

Lovely color.

Shang J. said...

I love your perfect swatches. This again is a very flattering shade. I don't wear lipsticks much, but I'll buy this if I find it anywhere.

Cherry said...

I think you've photographed this really well, it's always so hard to get the colour!

Pauline said...

Thanks for your comment! I have never buy Barry M make up but i wanna try!! Colors are terrible!!!!!!

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Grear post, love this shade, so pretty.

Sadie xx

rachinald said...

Omgosh it is theee perfect coral! I need this in my life!! Great review hun! x

Anonymous said...

This lippie looks lovely, I don't wear anything on my lips really but I should try something out xx

Gemx said...

Gorgeous lipstick colour! I love coral everything at the moment, nails, lips, dresses. I think your right, the beautiful sunshine makes you want to wear bright colours :) xx

Radiant Make Up said...

@gemx the sunshine is definately why I've been reaching for all my brightest lipsticks!

@Pauline & sadie Barry m nail paints are definately great value for money :)

Thanks for commenting!! x

Ask Erena said...

Like the color and the fact that it lasts for 3 hours.. Great review.
Ask Erena

Fashion Cappuccino said...

This is the prettiest lip color ever Rachel! I never really thought about mixing lip colors before (I know, silly me!) so it really gives me a lot of ideas! Thank you! This color would be perfect for a fresh look! xoxoxoo

Bonnie said...

This is the most gorgeous color of lipstick evaaaaaaa. I need to find one like this.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Jayme and Mendi said...

Really pretty lip stick! Great color!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

MM said...

Peachy pink is one of my favorite shade!!! I have lots of products!!

Your lipstick is really awesome!

Have a lovely Monday, sweetie!! xoxoxo

Beautyshades said...

Peachy pink looks lovely on you.

SilhouetteScreams said...


Though I'm sure all lipsticks look awesome on you :) *is jealous*

jillian m. said...

I've been obsessed with peachy makeup this summer. This lipstick might be a little too peach for my medium skin, but on you it look wonderful! Currently, I'm loving Rimmel's Coral Shimmer. It's a sheer coral that's not too glittery. Love.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I am seriously in love with this color. It has such a natural vibe to it; while bringing a bit more peachy/pink to brighten up one's face. Gorg! :)

Anna said...

Looks lovely, don't think I'd be brave enough though :) <3

Taj Acosta said...

This looks super glam! btw-Loving your blog doll! xo -Taj

Radiant Make Up said...

@Jillian I doubt it would be too peach as I have a friend with very tanned skin and it looks even better on her!

@Anna I thought that too but somehow with neautral slightly peach make up i don't feel uncomfortable wearing it :)

Thanks for commenting!! x

Marie said...

This is such a unique shade and I like it against your porcelain skin.:D

***** Marie *****