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Friday, 19 August 2011

Z Palette

I finally, finally found the perfect palette for me which is the lovely Z Pro Large Palette! Z palettes have been floating around the online beauty community for a while but for some reason I never looked into getting one until last week when I ordered one from GenieMakeUp.
Bascially for those that don’t know what these are they are hard palettes without the slots normally found in make up palettes. Instead the base is just one strong magnet which allows you to fit your pans of any size into it. It also has a clear lid so if you have several palettes you can easily see what’s inside without having to open any
(small and large come in a variety of patterns but pro extra large only comes in plain black)
So far as sizing goes there is a Small one which is a little larger than a mac quad, a Large and finally the Pro Extra Large, which I opted for. The Pro large is described as having room for 28 mac sized pans as well as room for a small brush. But I’ve fit in 32 mac shadows with room around the edges for any smaller pans I have.

Z palettes is an American company and so in the UK you have to either go through a second party such as GenieMakeUp, or Amazon where consequently prices do vary somewhat. Or you pay the higher postage fees by shipping directly from the US via the Z palette website. But generally for the Pro large expect to pay around £20, large £15 and small £10

Have any of you tried a Z palette? or how do you store your eyeshadows?
Hope this has been helpful!! x


London's-beauty said...

Great idea to have a z-palette¬! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the review! very helpful :)

Joy said...

I like the sound of this! That's great that you managed to get so many eyeshadows into it! xx

Winnie said...

These are such a great alternative to the mac pro palettes! So nice to fit so many more in one little box!

Gemx said...

Such a good idea, you can fit so many in rather than have so many smaller palettes :) xx

CHARfmb said...

love the idea of z palettes but also love the mac palettes too!!



Summer said...

I love these! It's great cause you can fit so much more in the Z palettes than in the MAC ones :) Love all your eyeshadows too <3


rachinald said...

Omgosh you have so many MAC eyeshadows, im very envious, they look so pretty together too!!

Reena Rai said...

Oooh that's such a smart idea! I never wear eyeshadow so wouldn't need it but if I did I would buy it.

Venus In Virgo said...

I have been dying to buy one but always forget! Love the review XOXO

Jae Tan said...