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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

It's over

It's been a 3 year love affair but I think it might be officially over.
Well… for now anyway, I'm a fickle soul when it comes to make up.

Gel Eyeliner was something I fell madly in love with the very first time I applied my Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink. It glided on, instantly opaque and because you could choose your bush you have complete control over the process. Cat-eyes and all sorts of winged looks suddenly were so easy to achieve, and I've continually repurchased all these years.
While I was home I picked up this liquid liner pen purely because there was some offer going on and now, with my gel liner drying up with no where to repurchase, I've suddenly remembered how much I love liquid. There's no brushes to clean (one of the baines of my life), it dries so much quicker, you can get an incredibly fine line with the tiny tip and you don't have to constant redip your brush while doing your make up. It might seem like a tiny thing but opening the pot, closing it, applying half your liner and then having to open and close it all over again to stop the liner from drying out is a bit of a pain.
This certainly isn't the best liner out there, if I remember rightly L'Oreal has an amazing one, and I think I've heard mumblings of Soap and Glory having a pretty decent one too. I can't wait to get my mitts on some different liner pens as they are undoubtedly becoming a staple.

I'm particularly loving to draw on a tiny line with a mini flick in the outer corner with a dark brown smudged along the last line to soften the look. I just think it instantly looks like you've put effort into your make up!

Can't wait to try some others namely Smashbox Limitless Liner, Dior Addict It Liner, YSL Moire, and Soap & Glory Supercat liner!

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