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Sunday, 11 May 2014

3 Mini Revelations

Today was a day of trying some new things - powder foundation, side buns and pale pink lips being three things I disregarded as not being very 'me' but I may, dare i say it, be a bit of a convert!
Sometimes I just can't be bothered to wash my hair, I know you have those days too so don't judge! And my usual coping mechanism is to throw it up in a top knot, and although I think they're pretty I don't think they necessarily suit my face - they always just look a little too harsh. 
So today, having been inspired by a random video from Meghan, I attempted a messy side bun thing - and I really like it! It keeps everything off my face without looking too sloppy, and I feel like its channelling the whole 'effortlessly stylish' look (I wish)
All the stuff I popped on my face: Vie One-Step-Face-Base in ivory, Maybelline master precise liquid liner, Maybelline fit concealer, Benefit they're real mascara, L'Oreal super liner brow artist, Mac viva glam gaga, Mac tempting, Mac brule, Urban Decay twice baked, Lancome tropiques minerale orche doree.
I've been interesting in giving powder foundations a whirl for a while now, and recently there's been a bit of a rise in my favourite bloggers recommending them, namely laura mercier's. But I just couldn't take the plunge since part of me was always convinced they'd just feel and look horrible not he skin, I had this image of dry flaky skin, probably because I've only ever used powder sparingly
 But while I was home I rummaged through some make up I left and rediscovered a powder by Vie which used to be my favourite for dusting over my foundation for nights out. Since I needed a powder for New Zealand I threw it in my suitcase, and yesterday I tried it all over with just a touch of concealer for some extra coverage under my eyes. And oh my gosh - it looks so natural! I don't think the vie powder itself is amazing, although I'll definitely use it up, but my interest in trying another powder foundation is well and truly renewed. It didn't sink into any pores, accentuate dry spots of make my face feel dry, was truly a doddle to apply with my ecotools kabuki, so I simply can't wait to branch into powder foundations
I picked up Mac's GaGa along with the powder while I was home hoping I'd manage to find a use for it. I pick it up when it first came up after hearing endless hype without considering the fact I rarely, if ever wear pink lipsticks. Spurred on by the successful powder foundation venture I gave it a whirl and I can't say I love it but I am definitely more of a fan now my skin is a little darker as it just suits my complexion a lot more.
Ignore the goosebumps, it's getting chilly down here. Tempting and Lancome's Tropiques Minerale.
Throwing in an honorary mention to Mac's tempting eyeshadow, this all over the lid with a little brule to blend it out and a touch of urban decays twice baked in the very outer corner is one of my favourite looks right now, which is surprising as prior to this week I think I'd actually used Tempting twice, possibly three times. I think it's been so neglected as it swatches quite poorly and it's a glittery mess in the crease. Tempting needs to be the centre piece of the look to work for me, the coppery tones and gold reflexes create a beautifully balanced look.

Do you ever have that, where you disregard a product only to use is again months down the line and have no idea why you weren't head over heels in love with it from the start? 

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